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  • Language: English(USA), Portuguese(Brazil) and Spanish(Spain)
  • Status: On Hold...
  • Credits:
  • Author: IGOR LIVE 96 (Blue Fox), MCreator
  • Texture Makers: IGOR LIVE96
  • Modelers: IGOR LIVE96
  • Translators: IGOR LIVE96, ALEXYSSSJ4
  • Encoder: IGOR LIVE96



      -Ruby Ore

      -Amethyst Ore

      -Saphire Ore

      -Magnum Ore

      -Pet Fragment Ore

      -Pink(Rose) Quartz Ore

      -Bronze Ore

      -Trap Block
      -Sugar Cane Block 

      -All colors of stone bricks

      -Sugar Block

      -Saphire Block

      -Magnum Block

      -Ruby Block

      -Amethyst Block

      -Rusty Iron Block

      -Shadow Diamond Block

      -Block of Frozen Shofar

      -Golden TNT



      -Skeleton Kins´s Crown

      -Solar Armor Off
      -Solar Armor On
      -Ruby Armor

      -Saphire Armor

      -Bronze Armor

      -Amethyst Armor

      -Emerald Armor

      -Pink(Rose) Quartz Armor

      -Shadow Diamond Armor

      -Patrol Armor

      -Patrol Boss Armor

      -The Dominator Armor



      -Ruby Tools

      -Amethyst Tools

      -Saphire Tools

      -Pink(Rose) Quartz Tools

      -Emerald Tools


      *Mobs And Bosses:


      -Skeleton King

      -The Alpha Envoy(Mob)

      -Lord Of Sun(Boss)
      -Solar Minion(Mob)


      -Patrol Boss(Boss)

      -Shadow Lord(Boss)


      -The Dominator(Boss)

      -Viking Zombie(Boss)

      -Golden Pig(Mob)

      -Iron Skeleton(Boss)




      -Milk Bucket Pet

      -Alpha Essence

      -Sun Axe
      -Sun Essence
      -Sun Stone
      -Viking Hammer
      -Infernal(Hell) Fire
      -Golden Carrot Pet
      -Glistering Melon Slice Pet
      -Puffer Fish Pet
      -Fermented Spider Eye Pet
      -Magma Cream Pet
      -Ghast Tear Pet
      -Rabbit Foot Pet
      -Blaze Powder Pet
      -Sugar Pet
      -Spider Eye Pet
      -Heath Boost Pet
      -Luck Pet
      -Haste Pet
      -Resistence Pet
      -Absorption Pet
      -Invisibility Pet
      -Dominator Armor Fragment
      -Dominator Armor Crystal
      -Shadow Diamond Sword
      -Shadow Star
      -Shadow Diamond
      -Shadow Dust
      -Patrol Boss Core
      -Patrol Boss Sword
      -Patrol Man Core
      -Viking Shofar
      -Viking Shofar Full
      -Bronze Bar
      -Rose(Pink) Quartz
      -Supreme Maul Of Chaos
      -Magnum Bar
      -Pet Fragment
      -Pet Orb
      -Golden Pig
      -Shadow Apple
      -Venom Charge(mod_system_item)



      -Bell Flower
      -Blue Rose Bush
      -Cactus With Flower
      -Fire Flower
      -Heal Flower
      -White Rose Bush
      -Yellow Rose Bush



      Suggestions / Improvements:

Latest supported Minecraft version
Release type
In development

//MORE CRAFTS_Version_1.0.2:

-Added The King Returns Update

-Added Bell Flower

-Added Blue Rose Bush

-Added White Rose Bush

-Added Yellow Rose Bush

-Added Cactus With Flower

-Added Fire Flower

-Added Heal Flower

-Added Heal Herb

-Added Hydrangea

-Re Added Skeleton King

-Re Added Pile of Bones
-Added The Alpha Envoy

-Added Alpha Essence
-Added Milk Bucket Pet

-Added Skeleton King´s Crown

-Added Spanish Language by ALEXYSSSJ4

-Removed cache files(trash, dont worry)


-More power and speed for bosses!

-Correction of Language

-Balancing the generation of mobs, bosses and ores!

-Balancing some items and armor!


//MORE CRAFTS_Version_1.0.1:

Modifications / Addictions:
-Added Solar Update
-Added the Lord of the Sun
-Added Solar Minion
-Added Solar Essence
-Added Sun Stone
-Added Extra function for Supreme Maul of Chaos!
-Added Sun Axe
-Added Solar Set On and Off
-Added Sugar Cane Block
-Added Trap Block
-Added Infernal(Hell) Fire
-Added Viking Hammer
-Added Creative Sword
-Added Animations for some mobs!
-Removed Block Pile of bones
-Removed King Skeleton
-Removed Bone Scepter
-Removed Skeleton King's Scepter
-Removed Eternal Ore and its derivatives!

Corrections / Improvements:
-Benefits in battles
-Bug fix where some mobs did not give anything!
-Bug fixes in the logics in mod elements
-Correction of Language

//MORE CRAFTS_Version_1.0.0:

Modifications / Addictions:
- The Begining

Suggestions / Improvements:

Submitted by ALEXYSSSJ4 on Mon, 02/04/2019 - 22:37

good mod but could you translate it into Spanish? I could already do the lang (es_es) Spanish Spain or (es_ve) Spanish Venezuela or the two

I am Venezuelan (I speak Spanish that is a type of Spanish) but I speak 3 languages (Spanish, Portuguese and English) and also other languages (Portuguese Brazil, Spanish Spain and English from England)