Into Orbit

Published by little kid on Sun, 04/14/2019 - 20:27
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Into Orbit is a space-themed mod that allows you to travel to different planets and mine and hunt there. The available planets: The Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Pluto, Neptune, and Uranus.


Into Orbit Adds:

-Neptunium Ore          -Chipped Ore       -Freezing Ore         -Cyan Slimeball    -Meteorite Tools

-Neptunium Ingot       -Chipped Ingot     -Freezing Ingot       -Martian                -Meteorite Sword

-Neptunium Tools      -Chipped Tools     -Freezing Tools       -Alien                    -Dried Water

-Neptunium Sword    -Chipped Sword   -Freezing Sword      -The Moon           -Rock Candy

-Neptunium Armor    -Chipped Armor    -Freezing Armor       -Venus                -Meteorite Armor

-Neptunium Block     -Chipped Block     -Freezing Block        -Mars                  -Dust

-Plutonium Ore          -Burning Ore         -Orange Slimeball    -Jupiter              -Crashed Meteor Biome

-Plutonium Ingot       -Burning Ingot       -Pink Slimeball         -Pluto

-Plutonium Tools      -Burning Tools       -Magenta Slimeball  -Neptune

-Plutonium Sword    -Burning Sword     -Purple Slimeball      -Uranus

-Plutonium Armor    -Burning Armor      -Green Slimeball      -Meteorite Block

-Plutonium Block     -Burning Block       -Blue Slimeball        -Meteorite


(Update Added The Meteorite Set, Dried Water, Dust, Rock candy, And Meteor Biomes on the planets)


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how to you go to Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune as none of these planets have a surface
over all

9/10 not to realistic

all the gas giant has core so,these dimension may have take you to the core not the "suface" (the point where there are 1 atmospheric pressure) but if they don't have core they can still be liquid ocean of metallic hydrogen and all other nasty stuff

In my opinion, you should better add more details to every dimension, even a small one, like different biomes in each dimension, more ore, stone, dirt, structures, etc,... rather than a boring place just repeating and repeating again the further you go, the dimension should have something to engage the player, which the player want to continue exploring it. These are just some of my ideas to help you improve the mod, so dont hate me =)