The Infinity Gauntlet

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Simply put, the Infinity Gauntlet mod adds Thanos' Infinity Gauntlet and Infinity Stones from Marvel's Avengers series. The Tesseract containing the Space Stone is also added.

Obtaining the stones:

  • The Mind Stone - Kill an Elder Guardian
  • The Soul Stone - Kill a Skeleton Horse
  • The Reality Stone - Kill the Wither
  • The Space Stone - Break the Tesseract
  • The Power Stone - Kill the Ender Dragon
  • The Time Stone - Kill an Evoker


Obtaining the Tesseract: Once a player sleeps in a bed and if a Tesseract has not already been given, a Tesseract will spawn in that player's inventory. Make sure to not lose it. It is the only one that will spawn, and it will only spawn for one player.


Using the Gauntlet:

  • Teleport - Right-click on a block and you will instantly teleport on top of it with a short blindness effect. At the same time, lightning will strike the ground where you land. This can also be used to phase through one-block tall roofs.
  • Jump/air teleport - Right-click in the air or on a block while crouching, and you will be teleported around 20 blocks in the air. A large explosion will erupt from where you jumped from.
  • Snap - This can only be done in worlds with cheats enabled. If you type /snap in the chat while holding the gauntlet, you will kill all currently spawned entities. This comes at a price, however, since the snap will overwhelm and kill you. This will also destroy the gauntlet and all six stones, but allows for another Tesseract to spawn.
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Nice mod, but a word of advice about the absorption: it will make you invincible. Since it is constantly giving you it over and over again, you will actually regenerate all your golden hearts every tick, making damage do pretty much nothing (unless it's a LOT of damage)