The World Expansion Mod

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This is my first mod ever and some things may not work as they should.

The World Expansion mod adds in 50 new mobs, lots of new weapons, 7 new ores, and lots of new things!

What it adds:


Snakes, Mice, Hedgehogs, Boars, The Sand Beast (boss), Magma Monsters, The Nether Overlord (boss), Ants, Waterfish (water silverfish), FireFish (Nether Silverfish), Xenomorphs, Robot Villagers, Frost Zombies, Zombie Miners, Zombie Phantoms and Ghosts, Ice Spiders, Ice Cows, Skeleton Creepers, Ghost Creepers, Scorpions, and many more!


End Stone Traps, Inferno End Stone, Ender Gem Ores, Ruby Ores, Cracked Netherrack, Smoked Diamond Ores, Acid Diamond Ores, Titanium Ores, Tungsten Ores, and lots more


Ender Gems, Smoked Diamonds, Tungsten, Titanium, Acid Diamonds, Aqua Gems, and Rubies.


Tungsten Sword, Nether Sword, Lava Sword, Ultimate Nether Sword, Water Sword, Ultimate Water Sword (not added yet), and Ender Swords


Scorpion Colonies (spawn in deserts), Ender Towers (spawn in the End), and Destroyed Ender Towers (super rare versions of the ender towers

And I believe that's all of the new things! Let me know if I forgot anything.


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In development
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Nice mod :)
Is the Snow Wanderer's texture the snow villager's texture from 1.14?