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Alpha has successfully been released!


The Mythology Mod is a mod based on the ancient myths. At the moment it includes Greek and Norse mythology. In later updates I will add Egyptian, Mayan, Aztec, Japanese, Chinese and a few more. This mod includes weapons, mobs, dimensions, biomes, items, blocks and crafting recipes from ancient mythology. 



  • Axe
  • Dagger
  • Zeus' Lightning Bolt
  • Poseidon's Trident
  • Hades' Sceptre
  • Apollo's Bow
  • Mjolnir
  • Sumarbrander
  • Tyr's Sword


  • Cyclops Skull
  • Rune Block Fehu
  • Rune Block Thruisaz
  • Rune Block Tyr


  • Aquamarine Stick
  • Refined Lightning
  • Death Stick
  • Fehu
  • Tyr
  • Thurisaz
  • Olympus Key
  • Asgard Key
  • Alfheim Key
  • Vanaheim Key
  • Nidavellir Key
  • Muspellheim Key
  • Helheim Key
  • Jotunheim Key
  • Niflheim Key


  • Asgard (gold portal)
  • Olympus (marbel portal)
  • Alfheim  (chisled stone(squares))
  • Vanaheim  (wood trunk)
  • Nidavellir     (iron block)
  • Muspellheim  (nether brick)
  • Helheim   (red nether brick)
  • Jotunheim   (snow)
  • Niflheim     (packed ice)


  • Minotaur
  • Cyclops
  • Draugr


  • None Yet

Recent Updates:

  • None Yet

Upcoming Updates

  • Greek Update (New Biome!)
  • Norse Update (New Mobs!)


The dimensions that i have not shown pictures of are a secret. You'll have to download my mod.


If you want to you can post suggestions below in the comments. I would like to hear your feedback so i know what to fix and what is good how it is. Please up-vote my mod.


  • Minotaur skin doesn't work properly. If you know of a good minotaur skin please post a link below.



If you like my mod please try my other mod "Just Another Minecraft Update".

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Alpha has been released!

Good mod :)
Can you show some images about the items too?

For some reason it wont let me import the pictures

I'm not doing Chinese for a while but you can suggest some stuff for greek if you want

Just so you know, in Nidavellir, the cave ceiling is so high you almost can’t see it, so if you could make the ceiling just a little bit higher, that would be great!