Undeath Expansion - Vampirism

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Undeath Expansion P1: Vampirism

Player's have searched far and wide for the mysterious woodland mansion, for the mystical totem. Rumors said that it could bring the dead back to life. The rumors were right. But not completely. The totem brought back the dead, but they weren't alive either.


Effects of Vampirism:

  • Cursed: The player has a level one Unlucky effect active at all times.
  • Daylight: If the player is in daylight (Time is day, block can see sky, and light level is above 13) the player is set on fire.
  • Shade: If the player is not in daylight, then they are granted level one night vision and level one water breathing
  • Invigorated: If the player has a hunger value of 15 or higher - and is not within sunlight - the player gets level one speed, strength, and jump boost.
  • Hunger: If the player has a hunger value greater than 10 - but not equal to 20 - the player gets a level one hunger effect.
  • Famished:  If the player has a hunger value that is 5 or less, the player gets level one mining fatigue and level one nausea effects.
  • Starving: If the player has a hunger value of 2 or less, the player gets a level two nausea effect.


Dimensional Effects:

  • End: The End never activates the Daylight effect
  • Nether: The Nether always activates the Daylight effect 


Configurable Abilities:

  • Flight
    • On: Allows vampires to fly when they are not in sunlight
    • Elytra: Allows vampires to fly if they are not in sunlight, and are wearing an elytra.
    • Off: Does not allow vampires to fly (This is the default).
  • Invisibility:
    • Sneak: Vampires become invisible if they are sneaking, and are not in sunlight.
    • Darkness: Vampires become invisible if they are in a light level of 5 or below.
    • Off: Vampires can only become invisible if they use a potion (This is the default)
  • Cloak Effect:
    • On: If wearing the full set of the vampire armor, vampires are immune to sunlight.
    • Invis: When wearing the full set of armor, vampire are immune to sunlight, and made invisible. (Purely aesthetic) (This is the default)
      • This effect is designed to go with the Invisibility: Darkness configurable ability
    • Off: Wearing a full set of vamp. armor has no effect.


New Items:

This mod adds 6 new items. These are:

  • Vampiric Armor (Hood, Tunic, Trousers, Boots)
    • The Vampiric armor has similar stats to leather, but has a higher enchantability, and a toughness of 1.
  • Thickened Leather
    • Thickend Leather is used to craft the Vampiric armor.
  • Vampirism Cure
    • The Cure is a permanent effect. Once cured, you cannot recontract vampirism.



  • Thickened Leather (Shapeless recipe):
    • Leather, Leather, Leather, String


All of the following recipes start in the top let corner, then move across, then start over on the next row down. (Same way you read English). 


  • Vampiric Hood:
    • Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Eye of Ender, Thickened Leather, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot, Iron Ingot

  • Vampiric Tunic:
    • Thickened Leather, Eye of Ender, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather.

  • Vampiric Trousers:
    • Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Eye of Ender, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Empty Slot, Thickened Leather.

  • Vampiric Boots: 
    • Thickened Leather, Empty Slot, Thickened Leather, Thickened Leather, Eye Of Ender, Thickened Leather,  Empty Slot, Empty Slot, Empty Slot.

  • Vampirism Cure
    • Golden Apple, Golden Carrot, Golden Apple, Milk, Dragon's Breath, Milk, Glowstone Dust, Nether Star, Glowstone Dust.


Planned Features:

  • Chat feedback on command input.
    • Mute Setting
  • Configurable Blood-Sucking ability
  • Vampire Mob
  • Vampire Boss
  • Vampire Hunter Mob
  • Playable-Vampire Hunter
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