Faceless Pikachu's Vanilla Expansion

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Every item added into this mod is designed to be as vanilla as possible and will not change up the spirit of the game.


Returning Features From Vanilla Minecraft:

These are features that were removed from Minecraft, but are brought back with this mod.

  • Rose: basically the same thing as the poppy
  • Cyan Rose: like the Rose from Pocket and Pi editions, this is Cyan
  • Peony: this is a flower that was originally planned to be in Minecraft but was never added in
  • Ruby Ore, Ruby Block, And Rubies: Found underground and is used in some crafting recipes in this mod. I am planning to do more with this in the next update, but I am not sure what I want to do yet.
  • Nether Reactor Core: Much like the original, this is built the same way and creates a small nether in your world, but it looks different, acts different, and doesn't go away. When used up, it will create a Busted Nether Reactor Core, which doesn't really do anything except create a lot of smoke.

Returning Features From My Other Mods:

These are features I included in my other mods that I liked so I decided to bring them back.

  • Trapped Oak Wood Planks: Just Oak Wood Planks that you can phase through. Pretty Simple.
  • Nether Gold Ore: Pretty Simple, Just Gold Ore Found In The Nether. Has all the same properties as regular gold ore.
  • Bomby: This was a feature from a mod that was never released and a feature that wasn't ever finished. Bomby is a cute mob that runs from blazes, follows players who hold gunpowder in their hands, and creates a small explosion when killed!
  • Tesseract: Once again, this was a feature from a mod that was never released. This is a ranged weapon that when fired, will teleport the player to where it lands. If it hits an entity, it will deal damage instead of teleporting.

Brand New Features:

These are new, what else do you want me to say?

  • The Thousand Structure Cavern: A brand new dimension that leads the player to a massive cavern with some structures that yield good loot. Created by building A nether portal frame out of nether bricks and lighting it with the Stone Staff.
  • Shattered Emerald Ore and Shattered Emeralds: These are a rare ore (but not as rare as emeralds) that can be crafted into emeralds.
  • Chains: Can be used to craft chainmail armor the same way other armors are crafted.
  • Throwing Knife: A knife made out of emeralds that you can throw. It can one shot a ghast!
  • Slime Sword: A sword that, when held, gives the player Jump Boost I.
  • Statue: A brand new mob that is passive, but when attacked will attack back and deal a good beating.
  • Lightning Gun: This is a gun that when shot, is about as good as a bow, but when it is raining or thundering, will strike lightning! It uses Lightning Rods as ammo.
  • Marble: A block similar to Andesite. Can be used to create Polished Marble.
  • /lightning: If you type this command, it will strike lightning where you stand!


I am currently working on getting screenshots for the crafting recipes. Currently I would recommend using JEI or the built in recipe book for getting the recipes.


  • I plan to add more uses to the rubies and emeralds
  • I plan to change up the textures for the Shattered Emerald Ore and the Marble Block, as they are both pretty ugly textures.
  • I plan to add in more structures to be found in the Thousand Structure Cavern.


If you want to see anything in this mod, just request it down below! ↓

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