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Published by sssssh on Mon, 01/06/2020 - 04:04
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Welcome to Network 2

For a full list of versions and complete changelogs please visit:

Network 2 is a Minecraft tech mod that aims to provide you with more automation for your Minecraft world. The mod centres around creating specific motherboards for the different machines in the Circuit Table and using alloys from the Bluestone Furnace. Most of the machines in the mod require power from a global power system called Network Power which can be created by some generators in the mod.

For more information on the different machines see the official Network 2 website:

Network 2's stuff:

Network 2's stuff

Find the official curse forge page here:


Q: Do the machines in Network 2 require cables between them?

A: The machines in Network 2 use a custom power system that doesn't require any cables or links between machines. The power produced is saved in an invisible 'Network' that other machines can draw upon.

Q: what forge version does Network 2 require?

A: forge 28.1.106 (1.14.4)

Happy networking!

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Release notes:

Balance update for the medium drill! More uses for the hammer!


- Redstone plates

- Bluestone plates

- Steel plates

- Advanced cladding

- Mixed ingot


- Balanced the medium drill's recipe



- copper ingot texture

- bluestone ingot texture

- redstone ingot texture



- tags for copper

- tags for redstone ingot


- Bluestone lamps were  removed because they were too buggy.



- Floating spikes bug has now been removed

- Spikes no longer have a creative entry


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Looks nice. Really reminds me cloud mod. My cloud mod also uses invisible power system. I named it CE (cloud energy)