Goblin Outpost

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The Goblin Outpost mod adds a small amount of content to the Minecraft gameplay. Now works with 1.15.2

The Goblin Outpost structure can only be found in all Taigas (Mega, Normal, Hills, Snowy, etc.)

The structure removes some chunks, May need to fix this by decreasing or increasing the structure size.


Types of Goblins -

Regular Goblin - The regular standard goblin. Spawns on the first floor and can move up to the second.They are very hard though, Because of there overwhelming speed. 

Goblin Trainee - These goblins wear leather leggings and boots, and have wooden swords. They spawn on the first and fourth floor, and can move to the second. These goblins are ramped up versions of the regular goblins, Having overwhelming speed and dealing more damage with their wooden sword. 

Goblin Bartender - This goblin is slower, But has more health and a Diamond Axe. They spawn on the first floor and can move to the second. They don't overwhelm the player as much, But they can do up to 7 hearts of damage on Hardmode difficulty. They drop 0 - 3 empty glass bottles.

Goblin Bookeeper - These goblins took me the most time to work on, Still being switched and changed to this day. These goblins are immune to everything. Even arrows! To attack these goblins you need a sword or trident. These might be the hardest goblins, Spawning vex's and damaging bolt that slow the player and wither them away. They spawn on the third floor. Killing these 130 health goblins rewards you with 1 -  3 books, a Night Charm, a 50% chance to get a Broken Staff.

Goblin Warrior - These goblins can be tied as the hardest with the Goblin Bookeeper. They are as fast as a regular goblin and goblin trainee, but wield a Diamond Sword, full Iron Armor, and a Shield. Because of their fast speeds and powerful gear, and the fact they spawn in large groups in the outpost, They are very hard to kill. They spawn on the fourth and fifth floor. They drop 0 - 3 diamonds, And rarely their sword, armor, and shield.

Goblin King - The leader of the goblins, Not very fast and not very powerful. They wield a gold sword. They spawn on the fifth floor. Killing these goblins will always drop a Gold Crown and rarely their Gold Sword.


Floors and type of rooms -

Basement -

No goblins are down is this floor. It is hidden under the first floor. Their is a skeleton skull and 2 chests. A redstone lamp, a few bookcases, and a few tables are in this floor.

Bar (First floor) -

Contains a barrel and some wood furniture. Goblins, the goblin bartender, and goblin trainee's spawn on this floor. 

Sleeping Area (Second floor) -

Contains beds and a bunch of crafting stations. Goblins, the goblin bartender, and goblin trainee's can wander up to this floor.

Outpost Library (Third floor) -

Contains a chest, a lectern, a cyan bed, and a bunch of bookcases. The goblin bookeeper spawns on this floor.

Armory Room (Fourth floor) -

Contains 4 chests, and a barrel full of arrows. Goblin trainees and warriors spawn on this floor.

Battle Floor (Fifth floor) -

Contains 4 chests, and a gold block thrown, Goblin warriors, and the goblin king spawn on this floor. 


Items -

Golden Crown -

A new armor item worn by the Goblin King and can be crafted. Recipe - https://docs.google.com/document/d/1wq6cMDLvbedYSAafRr4XlkRk2Lk6FCy_CuP…

Night Charm -

An item dropped by the Goblin Bookeeper. Can be used to turn the time to the first tick of monsters spawning. Right click to use. Can be used only once.

Broken Staff -

An item dropped by the Goblin Bookeeper with a 25% chance. Used to craft the Ancient Staff.

The Ancient Staff -

Crafted with the broken staff. This is a very powerful staff that can do a lot of damage and wither and slow enimes
Recipe - https://docs.google.com/document/d/18P1PC_ZAmkjk457lB_4xVbFBnG8e07BLFu1…

Bookeepers Wraith -

A rare item dropped by the Goblin Bookeeper. It is a sword that does 9dmg.


Enjoy the Mod!

Created by GreatLakesRailfan


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goblinoutpostv1.0.jar - For version KB

7/1/2020 - I have lost motivation for this mod for some time, so this mod has been paused for now. Will come back to this mod to release the final update.

1.0.2 5/22/2020 - Mod now updated to forge Minecraft 1.15.2 standards, Improved textures even more, reworked the whole Goblin Bookeeper fight for 2020.3 standards, and bug fixes. 
1.0.1 5/11/2020 - Slightly improved textures, New sounds, Improved weapon mechanics, New Goblin Bookeeper mechanics, and bug fixes.