Hals Journey Mod (released)

Published by Halbear1 on Wed, 05/06/2020 - 19:49
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Project status
In development
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Modification type
Minecraft Forge mod
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https://discord.gg/kZxyuTS - our discord where you recieve early updates and pics

A soon to be big adventure base mod, at the moment there is 2 biomes

and 2 sets of tools and armor

Biomes - Emberleaf Forest

             - Crystal Gardens

Tools - Crystal Sword,Pick,Axe,Shovel and hoe

         - emerald Sword,Pick,Axe,Shovel and hoe

Armor - Crystal

           - Emerald

Modification files
hjm release 1.0.jar - 1.16.5 release3.33 MB

Very nice progress so far! Love the textures- especially on the crystal gardens
Looking forwards to new updates

Wow! This mod is really well done. I love the design of the biomes :D

Quick question, this is gonna be hard to explain. SO, on the 4th picture, right hand side, I can't figure out how to layer the ground from (top to bottom): 1 layer of grass, about 10-12 blocks of dirt, then the rest stone. PLEASE HELP ME