Published by Calazacks on Thu, 06/11/2020 - 12:55
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Why hello Lads! This mod is a bit of a compilation of my worldbuilding ideas and random references, primarily focused on adding unique weapons, food, items and blocks. 

The vast majority of these items are Creative Mode only, intended for Adventure Maps and other such builds. However i am adding more content to survival.



-Over 100 (mostly) unique weapons 

-Many sets of armor (many with special effects)

-Foods and potions

-Lots of decorative blocks

-Custom potion effects and mechanics

-A handful of new Mobs (most of them are a tad glitchy, but i'm trying to fix it)

-A few new biomes (with more to come!)

-Many Structures


I will attempt to make a detailed list of the items and effects at a later date.

i have been working on this mod for a few months now, and hopefully its not too glitchy or anything as its my first mod.


I am definitely open to feedback and suggestions for new content. Many thanks for checking out my work! 

Modification files
Tagmod v2.5.jar - Update 1: All You Can Eat In A World Of Meat4.91 MB
Tagmod v2.6.jar - Update 2: Shifting Sands5.34 MB
Tagmod v2.9.jar - Update 3: Better Find A Church6.65 MB

Make a version of the mod for 16x16 textures for players who don't like 32x32.

I have no plans to make 16x16 textures, as i am not very proficient with that resolution and i would have hundreds of textures to redo, but if someone else wanted to make a 16x16 resource pack for it, by all means.

Tag is a alias i occasionally go as, and a notable character within my worldbuilding that i someday hope to make into something proper. considering how much of a ramshackle compilation of assorted ideas this mod is i figured it would be as good of a name as any.