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If you like the MA mods, you will love the new and very much improved MA3! 

(here is the download)  

Also Checkout the curseforge mod page for MA3!

Hello, This is my first mod called ManyAdditions. This mod and new blocks like Checkered Tile, Lamps, new types of glass like Soulsand Glass, Recycled Glass, Obsidian Glass, Checkered Tile Glass, and special types of glass like Glow Glass, Phantom Glass, and More! Also some new plants like cactus. also it add steel and the steel tools, weapons, and armor.

If you have any ideas that i should added in my mod, feel free to comment.

The update is now released!

(I forgot to add a recipe to get steel ingot from steel blocks, next update will fix that! )

Edit: This mod is dead, I just lost interest in this mod. that why there is now new updates, I hope you still like the mod.

Edit Again: I said that this mod is dead? yes I did but I am making a continuation of this mod. It will come out soon!

Another Edit: Here is the link for MA2

Edit: I am glad that this mod, even though the mod is dead, got 100+ Downloads! I hope MA2 can also get 100+ Downloads!

The Final Edit: Almost every feature from both MA and MA2 will be in MA3. They will be better then before!

Edit: After a long time, I am now starting to work on Many Additions 3!


Modification files
ManyAdditions_1.16.5-0.1.jar - First version of ManyAdditions. Expect more updates :)Uploaded on: 09/08/2021 - 23:02   File size: 242.08 KB
ManyAdditions_1.16.5-0.2.jar - Second version of ManyAdditions. Rework how you find the stuff in the mod. Expect next update to be a small updateUploaded on: 09/13/2021 - 00:02   File size: 341.89 KB
ManyAdditions_1.16.5-0.3.jar - Third version of ManyAdditions, This update is small.Uploaded on: 09/17/2021 - 21:26   File size: 391.16 KB
  • Added Streetlamp
  • Added Red checkered tiles and the fancy types with stairs and slab.
  • Fix the inability to get steel ingot from a steel block.
  • Added more recipes to vanilla items.