The FEZ Mod

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Minecraft Forge mod
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This mod is about the game FEZ. And one of the first mods I am uploading. This mod has 3 biomes. The First is the ocean. The most common of the three biomes in the mod for right now. It has small floating Islands that spawn in the biome and a little house on a floating island too, but the house is rare to find. The next one is the Sync Biome. This biome was supposed to have beat blocks that go with the music, But I don't know how to make them. If you want to help out go to this link: The Biome has lots of floating cubes and platforms. Best to use ender pearls to get around. The last biome is the sewers. This biome has toxic waters that sink you into it. This biome has nothing really in it yet. The mods has a few blocks and items in it for the time. And that is everything. Best to play this mod in creative mode. Have Fun. All Rights

New Update: First the forest biome. The Biome spawns foxes and rabbets, and this biome also has a new type of wood that is named Forest Wood. (I know "creative")

I added a two new music discs: (They don't spawn anywhere yet.) Home and Nature. That's everything new to the mod, but...

Bug Fixes: Sewer has structures that spawn in it now. Golden Cubes now actually gives you a Golden Cube. Locked Doors... they work now.  And now that is everything.

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Polytron Corporation


Here is the game:

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Modification files
The FEZ Mod 1.1_0.jar - Don't Download this. It is old.18.36 MB

New Biome Fixed Bugs.