The Witcher Craft

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The Witcher Craft

If you are a fan of The Witcher series and games, you will love this mod. A mod based on the tale of the wizard Gerald, who roams the continent after services, destroying creatures, and helping those in need.


What you will find in this mod

The mod allows the player to launch all 5 Signs from The Witcher 3 (Aard, Igni, Quen, Yrden and Axii), each Sign with its properties and effects. In addition, the player will be able to explore the world to find the Places of Power, which are blocks that the player can break to obtain the glyphs of the Signs, these glyphs will increase the power of the Signs.

To use a Sign, you must press the TAB key to open the Signs menu, select one of the available Signs, and then press R to use.

But be careful, the player has a stamina bar, which prevents him from releasing Signs at all times, so don't forget to keep your silver sword close by.
However, the player starts the game without any Sign, he must explore the world to find an item called Sign Generator, which when used, will provide a new Sign.
In addition, the mod adds new structures to be explored, new items and ores and even new armor.
Below you have the complete list of everything that is included in the mod:


  • New items:
    • Steel Ingot, Silver Ingot, Dark Iron Ingot, Dark Steel Ingot and Dimeritium Ingot
    • Silver
    • Powdered Monster Tissue
    • Invused Dust, Sapphire Dust, Amber Dust, Ruby Dust and Emerald Dust
    • Silk
    • Linen
    • Pearl
    • Powdered Pearl
    • Monster Blood
    • Monster Essense
    • Sign Generator (When used, it provides a new sign to the player)
    • Amber
    • Amethyst
    • Monster Saliva
    • Monster Brain
    • Monster Eye
    • All glyphs in The Witcher 3
    • Feline Armor


  • New creatures:
    • Wraith


  • New swords:
    • Witcher Steel Sword
    • Witcher Silver Sword
    • Feline Steel Sword
    • Feline Silver Sword
    • Harpy Sword


  • New blocks:
    • Silver Ore
    • Sapphire Ore
    • Ruby Ore
    • Dark Iron Ore
    • Amber Ore
    • Amethyst Ore
    • Dimeritium Ore
    • Place of Power (Aard, Igni, Quen, Axii and Yrden)
    • Wooden Crate (lootable block)


  • New structures
    • ​​​​​​​2 different houses
    • Well
    • Windmill
    • Inn
    • Outpost
    • Place of Power


See some images of the mod​​​​​


One of the new structures



The Wraith


Place of Power

Places of Power



New blocks



New Swords



The launch of the Igni sign





Created by:
Death Awaits

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