Mo' Food Mod (1.7.10)

Published by janguan2 on Sun, 06/26/2016 - 14:39
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In development
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This is a mod which adds more food into Minecraft! I will be trying to update this mod as much as I can, as it is in early development. I will most likely be working on this mod in the summer, as I am almost done school, I hope you enjoy this mod as it is right now. If there is any bugs/concerns please be sure to contact me at Update 1.0.2 just released, and hope to mod more soon!

Modification files
MoFoodMod.zipUploaded on: 08/10/2016 - 12:23   File size: 434.95 KB

I have 3 more days of dreaded school, then i can REALLY focus on modding. :P

If you download the Not Enough Items mod, it will be easier for you to find out the recipes of the items.

New update is now released! Update 1.02, only 2 days of school left, but I won't be modding everyday as I am going on trips through the summer.

School is finally out, and now I will be able to work on my new mods!

Hey guys, it would be greatly appreciated if you could tell me what kind of food you would like me to add in the next update, thanks!

Hey guys, sorry for not updating the mod that much, I am doing lots of stuff in summer at the moment, but i'll try to do as much as possible!