Irum Mod (Christmas!)

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A Mod that brings a new mineral that brings a variety of new things.
I came back with a new mod :3
If I have to start the previous one from scratch by losing everything :3
but I will start with this mod while I remember all the basics in a new version.

New Version:


-Special Days secret

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Irum Mod 1.0.jar - Irum Mod /First Version!! (1.0)601.92 KB
Irum Mod 1.2.jar - Christmas Irum Mod!695.11 KB

Irum Mod 0.1:

-New Weapons:


-New Ore:

Irum Ore

-New Item:


Irum Mod 0.2:

-New Block:

Irum Block

-New Item:

Irum Mod 0.3:

-New Items

-New Tools:

Irum Tools

Irum Mod 0.4:

-New Items

-New Armor:

Irum Armor

-New Tool:

Irum Cristal Pickaxe

Irum Mod 0.5:

-New Mob:

Irum Soldier

-New Biomes:

Irum Biome, Irum Ore Biome

-New Dimension:

Irum Dimension

Irum Mod 0.6:

-New Biome:

Forest Irum

-New Items:


Golden Irum

-New Block:

Irim Block

-New Mobs:

Irum Archer

Irum Creeper

-New Weapons:

Irum Bow

Irum Gun

Irum Mod 0.7:

-New Block:

Irim Portal Block

-New Item

Irim Igniter

Irum Mod 1.0:

-New Bosses

-New Blocks

-New Mobs

-New Items

-New achievements

-New Armor

Irum Mod 1.2:

-New Dimension

-New Weapons

-New Biome

-New Boss

-New Mobs

-New Items