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Jay's Mod, my mod. This mod is for extending the Minecraft game in general, past the current endgame, as well as adding a couple things into the main game.


Most recent update; 0.0.5, The Expansion Update - added in more ores, and nearly doubled the biomes & decorational blocks!


This mod adds in

  • 2 new bosses, one of them mid-game, and the other post-game.
  • 15 total mobs, including bosses
  • 72 blocks,
  • 21 misc. items,
  • 26 tools,
  • 16 weapons (and 3 ammos),
  • 5 armor sets,
  • 1 liquid,
  • 10 foods/potions,
  • 10 usable/consumable items,
  • 2 boss summoners,
  • 2 dimensions,
  • 16 structures,
  • 9 biomes,
  • ~32 advancements,
  • 2 shields,
  • and more!


It's still quite unfinished, though. There's a couple items that don't work, but you all have the privilege of getting this mod early. :)

Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Version 0.0.5.zip - Jay's Mod v0.0.5 ZIP (Newest Version)5.2 MB
Version 0.0.4.zip - Jay's Mod v0.0.4 ZIP2.27 MB
Version 0.0.3.zip - Jay's Mod v0.0.3 ZIP2.02 MB
Version 0.0.1_0.zip - Jay's Mod v0.0.1 ZIP (Oldest Version)1.58 MB
  • v0.0.5 (Current, 11/29/2019) - The Expansion Update!
    • Added a custom sound to the Astrius Totem
    • Lapis ore can now spawn in the Astral Dimension, End, and Nether, with it's own block variants for each dimension
    • Fixed some recipes after the new MCreator update
    • Added Lapis ingot, tools, armor, and weapons, including a new wand!
    • Tropical dimension now has a sun
    • Thermometer is now fully added, with a recipe!
    • Tropical Grasslands are now higher up, and rarer
    • Tropics biome now has Wolves
    • Added Tropical Ocean biome
    • Added Tropical Spider
    • Added Goblins
    • Added Astral Armor!
    • The following ores can now spawn in the Tropical Dimension, with their own sand block variants;
      • Quartz
      • Iron
      • Emerald
      • Diamond
      • Astral
    • Added Ruby ore, tools, weapons, and armor!
    • Added Wired Iron Block
    • Nerfed Healing Potion IV
    • The Astral Dimension now has music!!! The music is the Granite Biome theme from the Terraria Tremor mod!
      • https://youtu.be/_FAxB4-fPEs
    • Added Stash Block & Stairs
    • Added Steel Ingot
    • Added Revenge Totem
      • Added Vengeful Spirit
    • Added Undead Staff
      • Added Raised Zombie
    • Fully added the Iron Arm - will now fling hit enemies up into the air, but is otherwise nerfed
    • Added Astral Plank Stairs & Fence
    • Added Astral Brick Stairs & Wall
    • Renamed Star Brick to Star Brick Block
    • Added Star Brick Stairs & Wall
    • Added Palm Stairs & Fence
    • Added Palm Stick
    • Added Recipes for Palm Bow & Arrow
    • Palm Leaves can now drop their saplings
    • Added Tropical String
    • Added Ice & Snow Brick Stairs & Walls
    • Added more biomes to the Astral Dimension!!!
      • Astral Mountains
        • Added Astral Snow & Ice, which will damage you if you aren't wearing Ruby+ boots
      • Astral Forest
      • Astral Moorlands
        • Added Astral Bushes and Astral Fuzz-Grass, which have their own harmful effects if you walk into them
      • Astral Void
        • Much darker and flatter and barren than other biomes, added Voidrock which will blind you when stood on if you don't have night vision
    • Added Astral Plant Matter, which drops from Astral Leaves, Bushes, and Fuzz-Grass
    • Astral Stone can now sustain plants
    • Astral Biomes no longer spawn in the overworld
    • The Following Astral Structures now spawn in other Astral Biomes;
      • Pillar - All biomes except moorlands & void
      • Portal - All biomes except void
      • Astrius Dungeon - All biomes except void
      • Fort 1 - Moorlands
      • House L1 - Moorlands
      • House L2 - Moorlands
      • Meteor - All biomes except void
      • Tower 1 - All biomes except void
    • Astral Zombies now spawn in all Astral biomes except Moorlands & Void
    • Added Copper Brick Stairs & Wall
  • v0.0.4 (9/25/2019) - The Fix(-it) update!
    • Updated texture for Schematics
    • Added Wooden Hammer
    • Jayblade will now strike hit entities with lightning
    • Astral Chest is now usable - when opened, will just spawn some items around it
    • Added Astral Fountain Schematic
    • Added Star Chests to Astral Fountain structure
    • Made the old "star fountain" structure no longer spawn
    • Fixed Astral Fountains spawning on top of trees (they might still spawn floating on the sides of hills/mountains)
    • Added Astral Flesh, which gives you a very short boost when eaten. Astral Flesh is dropped by Astral Zombies, and will give you the "pity" advancement when picked up. FINALLY a way to obtain that advancement.
    • Astral Zombies no longer "restrict sun" and also spawn less often (They spawn in groups of 1-1 instead of previously 1-5) (Restrict sun was removed because they wouldn't chase you if you went under a tree while they were chasing you)
    • Added Copper Ore
      • Added Copper Ingots
      • Added Copper Blocks
      • Added Copper Sword
      • Added Copper Pickaxe
      • Added Copper Axe
      • Added Copper Shovel
      • Added Copper Hoe
      • Added Copper Armor
      • Added Copper Hammer
    • Added Fishing Brick
    • Added "Collections" branch in advancements
      • Added Fisher Collections
      • Added Fishing Brick to Collections
      • Added Fish to collections
      • Added Raw Fish to collections
      • Added Salmon to collections
      • Added Pufferfish to collections
      • Added Clownfish to collections
      • Added Fishing Rods to collections
      • Added Explorer Collections
      • Added Swamp to Collections
      • Added Mutated Swamp to Collections
    • Added Stone Hammer
    • Added Iron Hammer
    • Added Gold Hammer
    • Added Diamond Hammer
    • Added Star Hammer
    • Added Astral Hammer
    • Added Astral Pickaxe
    • Made Frost Effects Ambient (no particles)
    • Decreased the max light level to get frost II from 10 to 7
    • Made you not get the frost effect if you are standing directly on/in; Torches, Lava, Flowing Lava, or Fire
    • Added Refined Emerald
      • Added Emerald Sword
      • Added Emerald Pickaxe
      • Added Emerald Axe
      • Added Emerald Shovel
      • Added Emerald Hoe
      • Added Emerald Armor
      • Added Emerald Hammer
    • Added Superflat Biome
      • Added Emerald Dirt Ore (spawns in superflat biome)
      • Added Superflat House 1 structure
      • Added Superflat Well 1 structure
      • Added Superflat Tower 1 structure
      • Added Superflat House 1 schematic
      • Added Superflat to Collections
      • Added Superflat House 2
    • Made Tropical Biomes have a lot lower base height
    • Added a unique texture to the Thermometer
      • Thermometer now tells whether the current biome is Hot, Cold, or Normal
      • Thermometer can now be crafted with a Bottle, Redstone Dust, Glowstone Dust, 
         and a Slime ball (shapeless, 1 of each)
    • Astral Freeze effect renamed to Astral Frostburn
    • Astral Fire now just gives Astral Frostburn I instead of II
    • Added a new texture to Star Ore
    • Recap:
      • Added: 19 tools, 5 misc items, 1 food, 4 blocks, 2 weapons, 2 armor sets, 13 advancements, 1 biome, 4 structures, and more stuff including changes and fixes!
  • v0.0.3 (8/1/2019) - Added another TON more stuff, including:
    • 13 blocks
    • 2 mobs
    • 3 weapons
    • 2 misc. items
    • 2 potion effects
    • 5 tools
    • 1 armor set
    • NEW! - 2 shields
    • 3 advancements
  • v0.0.2 (7/6/2019) - Added a TON more stuff, including:
    • 5 new blocks
    • 8 misc. items
    • a couple new mobs
    • 4 new weapons
    • 1 new ammo
    • 1 armor
    • 3 usable/consumable items
    • 13 advancements
  • v0.0.1 (7/4/2019) - Added mod base items, posted on MCreator site. :D
  • v0.0.0 (6/?/2019) - Started working on

Nice mod :)
The astral dimension kind of reminds me of the Aether Sea planet in the Starbound mod Frackin' Universe.
I have something like that planned for my next mod, Trailblazer :D

Cool mod :D
Just improve a bit the texture of the Astral Portal (the purple texture, not the frame) and it can be MOTW :)