Mod for one dot twelve dot two

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Version 1 Features: an Emerald sword, a very good pickaxe, a mob, 2 gems, and a dimension.

Version 2 Features: Made the mob have 200 hp, renamed the mob, added 6 new biomes, a red bow, red arrows, and the ultimate gem now does stuff when you hit mobs with it.

Version 3 Features: renamed the mob again, made it's spawn egg's colors resemble the mob more, made stuff craftable,  added green apples, added a shovel, and made the pickaxe have more durability. (I forgot to make the green apples name be colored also if you're wondering how to make your items color coded do §+a-e or §0-9).

Version 4 Features: Added a new mob, added a new food, a new block, a new biome, and you can use green apples to craft golden apples.

Version 5 Features: Made the white gem do stuff, added 6 new items used to craft the ultimate gem (plus the white gem), added a diamond biome (used in diamond dimension), added red gravel, red flint, a red stick, changed red bow and red arrow crafting recipes, made it so the food added in version 4 has a crafting recipe and when eating gives you a bowl, added a new mob, and replaced all the drops of mobs added in this mod with the things used to craft the ultimate gem (one as a normal drop and one as a rare drop, excludes the white gem), added a recipe for the white gem, and added an item you can only get via /give.

Version 6 Features: Added another mob (except this one is friendly), added a fuel source, added red string, changed red bow recipe, added an item that allows you to fly after being put in your inventory, made elytras craftable, and red wool can be crafted using red string.

Version 6.1 Features: Ultimate Gem is now able to be found in the creative tab, the item that allows you to fly doesn't force you to fly until you remove it, and another formation of 4x4 red string can be used to make red wool.

Version 7 Features: Coal axe, items that give resistance when in your inventory, and renamed the items used to craft the ultimate gem because they are used to craft one of the items that give resistance.

Version 7.1 Features: Added recipes for stuff lacking recipes in version 7.

Version 7.2 Features: made the one item that was ment to give you resistance when in inventory but didn't acctually give you resistance now (the other one was working fine so I didn't change it).

February 21, 2019: Currently remaking everything in mcreator 1.8.2, so far all I need to add are the 2 items with animated textures. However I can't seem to find a way to add them without making the textures static.

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Submitted by Epig on Sat, 09/29/2018 - 19:52

No won will download it if you can't spend the time to get your descritopn to work