Alien Tech

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This mod adds a way to craft diamonds. Find a crashed alien ship and use the broken tech to craft them. Use JEI to see recipes. Use the fusion table to make diamonds! put an alien sludge on top, and a ender pearl on bottom to get a diamond. Put an alien tech on top, and a diamond block on bottom, and it will make a compressed diamond block, which drops 9 diamond blocks!. Use a gold/iron bar on top, and an e-pearl on bottom to get a block of the type of ingot. (I mostly made this mod for a mudpack I made, for a youtube series. I hope you enjoy!

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Nice mod :)
As soon as you put more detail in the description it'll be fine.

Submitted by Goldorion on Wed, 09/11/2019 - 00:04

I suggest you to improve the textures.