The Elven Forest (New Frontiers Update!)

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Minecraft Forge mod
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A long time ago (like a month ago), havoc occurred. A peaceful race, known as the Elves, summoned the mighty Wither, which caused chaos and plague upon their world. You summon and defeat this beast in your world and receive a distress message from the Elves. You are the only one who is strong and clever enough to defeat this substantial threat. Will you be the hero to save Elven kind? Welcome to the Elven Forest!

In this mod, you will travel to another dimension known as the Elven Forest. This mod adds many new blocks, items, mobs, and more!

Explore the forest, interact with the Elves, defeat many monsters, take in the sights, and conquer the Wither's Plague!

Use JEI for the recipes!

Step #1: Kill the Wither, get its Nether Star and a new drop, Wither Tears

Step #2: Craft the key (sticks, sapling, and previously mentioned Star and Tears)

Step #3: Find a tree portal (like the one in one of the pictures)

Step #4: Use the key, and have fun!

The elves are on CurseForge!

WARNING! This mod is not complete! There will be more features added in the near future! Please enjoy what is currently in this mod! =)

Modification files
TheElvenForest-1.3.2-1.12.2.jar - New Frontiers Update! - Bugfix 24.17 MB
TheElvenForest-1.3.1-1.12.2.jar - New Frontiers Update! - Bugfix4.17 MB
TheElvenForest-1.3.0-1.12.2.jar - New Frontiers Update!4.17 MB
TheElvenForest-1.2.0-1.12.2.jar - Home on the Range Update!4.01 MB

1.0.0 - Released

1.0.1 - Added S.O.S Drop to Wither, Fixed certain crafting recipes, Other small changes
1.1.0 - Long Live the Queen Update!
  •  Added the Spiderling Queen! (Hope you don't have arachnophobia!)
  •  Changed the drops of the Cursed Corpse
  •  Added a few new items
  •  Changed the Elf Chief's Quests
  •  Added new advancments

1.2.0 - Home on the Range Update!
  • Added the Elvenwood Hoe to till Elven Dirt
  • Added berry seeds to plant into more berries
  • Added Glowleaf and Amberwood planks varients
  • Added Glowing Forest elf varient
  • Added a few more structures
  • Added the Glowite Sword and Glowite Pickaxe
  • Spiderling Queen now drops glowing sticks to craft Glowite tools
  • Added alternate Elven Forest Key recipe
  • Added portal bark recipe
  • Moss is now known as "vine" in the ore dictionary

1.3.0 - New Frontiers Update!
  • Added the Floating Islands Biome
  • Added the Wisp mob
  • Added the Alpha Cawron miniboss
  • Whenever a boss is killed, everyone in the server now gets the achievement
  • Revamped boss achievement mechanics
  • Added the Beetle Wing Copter to fly into the sky
  • Glowleaf trees now spawn with glowberries
  • Added the withering elf
  • Added the overworld elven explorer
  • Changed the name of the elven explorer
  • Fixed bugs with advancements
  • Added elven clothing and explorer's cap
  • Added achievement for explorer's cap
  • Many more features!

1.3.1 -

-Fixed the version listed in the mod settings

-Decreased the spawn rate of portals

1.3.2 -

- Revamped the way Moss Minions work

- Renamed the Minion Recapture Rod

Wow this looks really cool, I love the overall theme and story!

Congratulations for winning Mod of the Week!

This is a great mod, to be honest. I really like that it has an interesting backstory :)

Your mod was also promoted on our official subreddit ( and Facebook page (

This is such a cute mod! I love the amount of detail and work that was put into all the biomes!!