Natural Forestry by Erin Rose

Published by xSnowyx on Fri, 04/24/2020 - 11:58
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Minecraft Forge mod
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Welcome all, to Natural Forestry, a small, natural mod for new trees, biomes, and items, without feeling out of place in the Minecraft world (with the exception of the Redwood Tree). Natural Forestry was designed with a goal of adding more wood and functions, such as a Log Stripper, to make forestry seem more, natural.


-Log Stripper - A mod-only tool, used to strip Natural Forestry's logs and wood.
-Mossy Oak, Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, and Dark Oak Planks, Stairs, Slab, and Fence - A mossy variant of the planks and other blocks listed.
-Redwood Log - Part of the trunk of a Redwood Tree.
-Stripped Redwood Log - Stripped variant of the previously mentioned.
-Redwood Wood - Full, six-sided bark variant of the Redwood Log.
-Stripped Redwood Wood - Stripped variant of the previously mentioned.
-Redwood Planks - The product of any Redwood log or wood put into a crafting grid.
-Redwood Stairs - Stairs of the previously mentioned planks.
-Redwood Slab - Slab of the Redwood Planks.
-Redwood Fence - Fence variant of Redwood Planks.
-Mossy Redwood Planks - A mossy variant of Redwood Planks
-Mossy Redwood Stairs, Slab, and Fence - Product of crafting recipes with Mossy Redwood Planks.
-Redwood Leaves - Leaf blocks found at the top of the trunk and branches of Redwood Trees

-Sawblade - A combination of metal and arrows to form a painful item, used in the recipe for the Log Stripper.

-Redwood Tress - No sapling as of yet; found only in the Redwood Forest

-Redwood Forest - Home of the spectacular and massive Redwood Trees

-Mossy Planks; All Types
Gif of the Mossy Planks recipes
-Redwood Wood
Image of the Redwood Wood recipe
-Redwood Planks
Gif of all the recipes for Redwood Planks
-Stripped Wood

-Stairs; All Types
Gif of all the stair block recipes
-Slabs; All Types
Gif of all the slab recipes
-Fences; All Types
Gif of all fence recipes
Image of sawblade recipe
-Log Stripper
Image of Log Stripper recipe

-Log Stripper



Originally, this mod was supposed to be Structural Integrity, adding in multiple different structures that were abandoned, using mossy variants of the Vanilla wood, as seen in Item #2 of the BLOCKS list above. Due to issues with structure spawning, and my own stupidity, I gave up on that idea, and went ahead with a new mod. I wanted to keep the Mossy Planks and their variants, but I wanted a new feel to Minecraft. Most mods on MCreator sets out to be magical, mechanical, futuristic; add new ores, new machines, weird biomes and dimensions (majority). But usually (with some exceptions), they don't fit into the feel of Minecraft all too well. I feel that Minecraft tries to go for something more natural, as seen with mostly stone and wooden textures, blocks, and items, and the excessive use of natural resources to make more items and blocks. I wanted to keep that natural feel, while still adding new machines, functions, and wood types. I came up with the name Natural Forestry, as I feel that name really fits the goal of the mod; new biomes, trees, and wood types, all completely natural (with some machine exceptions). 

=Minecraft Versions=
I am NOT backporting to 1.12.2! This is about to be an outdated Minecraft version, one of which Forge is dropping. And explanation can be found here.
This mod is currently for 1.14.4, but will be updated for 1.15.2 upon version 1.0 release (1.0 release date unknown).

=Forge Version=
Minimum requirement is 28.2.3.


I hope you all enjoy this mod, and lemme know what you guys think in the comments! Please do be constructive but brutally honest, as I want to make something unique and enjoyable! If you have any issues, please go to the connected forum, which is a bug reporting forum specifically for Natural Forestry, as well as an update preview, suggestions, and wiki.

Modification files
Natural Forestry 1.14.4 v0.1.jar - Redwood Release265.07 KB

v0.1 - First alpha release of Natural Forestry, featuring only Redwood and Mossy Planks, along with the Sawblade and Log Stripper.