MCreator 2021.2 pre-release

Published by Klemen on Tue, 08/10/2021 - 07:24
MCreator 2021.2 pre-release

MCreator 2021.2 pre-release is here! This is the first time in history we had 4 snapshots before the full release so this update will be packed with new features. Read on!

Snapshot changelog

Major new features, improvements, and bug fixes in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Added fluid tick rate parameter
  • Added potion effect tick condition
  • Set and get player variable procedure blocks now support specifying the entity dependency
  • Added fire immunity parameter to custom armor mod element
  • Improved display of biome and entity lists with human-readable names
  • Added new plant parameters: suspicious stew effect and duration, generation patch size
  • Added new enchantment parameters: can appear in villager trades and can be used in loot tables
  • Brewing recipes now support potions as output and/or inputs
  • Added new fluid properties: tint type, flow strength, flowing condition, before replacing block procedure trigger
  • Added new block base: button
  • [Bugfix] Importing and display of some mod language translations did not work properly
  • [Bugfix] Fluids did not tick properly
  • [Bugfix] Custom dimensions did not show up in the dimension selectors
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Make sure to test the snapshot out so the release will be a stable one. Leave a comment with your feedback on the update below. Stay tuned and keep on modding!

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Just for a suggestion, I think it might be better to add these stuff: (just my personal opinion)
- Ability to display every level of enchantment in the enchanting book (now, it is only displaying the highest level of enchantment)
- Combine images and buttons, making the image trigger procedures when being clicked
- Able to rename fluid and fluid buckets (because I want to translate them into different languages)
- Add vine block base supports (maybe it is already supported but I didn't find out)
So far so good ^^

For 1 - I believe it shows you only -guaranteed- level of enchantment, so you just need to degrade your book placement to obtain lower levels; or you are just lucky getting such
For 2 - this is what I was begging Pylo for month or two XD I would really love that, I agree
For 3 - you can translate these, just search for "localisation" on left side (below variables, resources and mod elements tabs)

I'm sorry to say this, but it's not working for me at all:
Modding works fine, but the gradle. It says its not compatible with gradle 8, and the test client randomly crashes, i had one crash when i ran agains a block. gg

It shouldn't be the case as no breaking changes have been made. The last snapshot (ok, the third one) broke workspaces because we changed how we created mod elements, so even if I (and Klemen too) tested a lot in order to avoid this problem, we still left something problematic. However, snapshots should always be used for testing only as major bugs can be hidden. You have a perfect example with the last one. You should always consider a snapshot as dangerous for your workspaces and backup yourself your workspace before opening it.

I need to ask the question...will 1.17 modding be present in 2021.2?

Suggestion: Add procedure block: Set Event Target by condition

Everyone needs... but who's contributing? (greetings for all Megadeth fans out here)
In all seriousness, 1.17.1 will be in next MCreator version. Be patient, software developing is not easy work, and demanding things don't work - rather opposite, it can be pressure which limits you.

Making Liquids are still mostly pointless, they still splash water particles only and still sound like water. Been trying to add mud for the longest but this still doesn't seem possible.

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