Plexcraft [Development has stopped for a while]

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There is so much planned for this mod currently; Even though there is, while I'm working on it, I'd like to get some other ideas to add onto it. Such as names for biomes or materials, and suggested tool data/armor data/block data corresponding to those materials. I will try to update this every day, any suggestions are welcome! Forum


Some recipes aren't on the image, so I suggest you download and use JEI along with this mod.



This mod adds a new material to the Overworld Dimension, it's called Mirand. You can make tools/armor with it. It is also used with Obsidian Ingots to make the Plexen Portal Frame and Plexen Portal Igniter. Once you go through the portal you'll see, currently, that there is one biome called Poke. The Poke biome includes corresponding trees/cobblestone/stone. When you go to Plexen, the dimension, make sure to bring a Mirand Axe, which is required to mine Poke Trees. A Mirand Sickle  is used to mine the Poke Leaves. That's basically all it adds at the moment... 



  • Biomes
  • Mobs (Some with their own model and texture)
  • Materials
  • Dimensions?
  • Crafting Stations (Currently figured out how to do that[TestCrafter block in game. You'll see it will turn a Mirand into a Mirand.], just need things to craft in it)
  • Multi-block Structures
  • Randomly Spawning Structures
  • Changing the color diversity of the Poke biome to make it look a bit nicer
  • Working Spalings! (Using several structures and a procedure, per tree, to ensure it doesn't delete blocks where the tree doesn't need to be. If anyone could clue me in on how to make that work with a schematic, that'd be greatly appreciated!)
  • Add me as an enemy mob

Currently known bugs:

  • Some items are in the wrong tabs
  • TestCrafter deletes extra items when something is in the output slot(instead of not using any)


I would like to continue production of this mod, but not sure it's something you would actually want to use, and the full mod would take too long. I might continue this mod at some point, depending on how much 'love' my other mod(s) get.


Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
1.12.2-plexcraft-vpre1.0.1.jar - 1.12.2 Plexcraft vpre1.0.1 301.44 KB

pre1.0.2 (not yet released) added the following

  • Rex (WIP boss)

pre1.0.1 added the following

  • Added me as a mob!
  • TestCrafter GUI update/Currently figuring out how to make it as close to a crafting table as possible

pre1.0.0 added the following

  • Lapis Tools/Armor
  • Emerald Tools/Armor
  • Mirand Gem/Ore/Tools/Sickle/Armor
  • Obsidian Ingot
  • Plexen Portal/Frame/Igniter
  • Poke Wood/Planks/Leaves/Tools
  • Poke Stone/Cobblestone/Tools
  • Biome Poke
  • Creative Tabs Tools/Armor/Materials
  • WIP(needs a purpose, name will change): TestCrafter

I have the procedure, and it crafts things, but instead of crafting it once it will turn all the materials into what I have it crafting... Instead of only using one, which is because, for some reason, it won't detect when an item is in the output slot already...