War of the Worlds [1953]

Published by the sloth on Sat, 03/24/2018 - 10:31
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the War of the Worlds




Small mod still in early testing phases. Adds a few new mobs that are so far only accessible via creative mode, Due to "over-spawning" if left to spawn naturally.

List of mobs:

Martian War Ship

Martian War Ship (Dormant+Rideable!) (May drop TNT when right clicked so be careful!)


Alien Probe

Alien Periscope



Alien (Type II)

Disguised Alien

Different Mobs will attack differently and go after different mobs.

Periscopes will not usually attack (Maybe) and simply observe.

Alien Probes will attack the player and Golems. They fly and will swoop down to attack.

​​​​​​​Alien Periscopes are similar to their counterparts, but will attack players, animals and villagers as well as sometimes lighting fires.

Martians and Aliens are both aggressive.

Aliens (Type II) are also aggressive and will also attack their other alien counterparts.

Disguised aliens will attack other aliens (depending on the alien) and also go after players.

Modification files
the War of the Worlds (Re-Play) 1953.jar - WotW-RePlayUploaded on: 04/30/2020 - 00:20   File size: 120.94 KB

Added features for 0004.1...

Martian ships do less direct damage but are still equally destructive.
They also now have particle effects just to make them look a bit better.

Added: HUMANS! [more human types & variants will come soon.]

IN 005.0: Cities & more villages will be added. As well as more weapons & stuff.

! NOTICE ! For now I'm pausing progress but the mod will re-start soon.

Where are the Tri-Pods? I haven't gotten the mod because it's 1.14 but are the Alien Drones the Tri-Pods? I haven't even seen the movie so why am I questioning this? I don't even know if they're called Tri-Pods.