Hospital Mod - Facilities Pack

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Hospital Mod – Facilities Pack
Enhance your Minecraft world with the Hospital Mod Facilities pack, part of the Hospital Mod Minecraft mod project by Leon90. 


What is it?

The facilities pack brings some additional ‘misc’ items which can add to the realism of your Minecraft world, intended to compliment other ‘Hospital Mod’ content, this can be used in a variety of other builds and projects.

Included Content
Building items include;

  • 3 Vinyl floor blocks
  • 1 White Concrete Wall with Floor Trim
    and Wall Guard
  • Realistic Suspended Ceiling
  • Small Ceiling Light Panel (Redstone
  • Large Ceiling Light Panel (Redstone

Office items include;

  • Blue and Red Office Trays
  • Call Centre/Office Style Desks (with/without
    back board)
  • Cisco Style Desk Phone
  • Cisco Style Wall Phone
  • Office Multifunctional

Misc Objects include;

  • Wall Hung Fire Exit Sign
  • Ceiling Hung Fire Exit Sign
  • X-RAY Wall Sign
  • Wall Mounted Fire Extinguisher
  • Cleaning Trolley
  • Wet Floor Sign
  • Roll Cage
  • Patient Information Point
  • Soft Drinks Fridge

To use this mod, you will need to
have the latest version of Minecraft Forge and be using Minecraft version

You can download the latest version
of Minecraft Forge by following the link below;


Firstly you will need to ensure you
have installed Minecraft Forge correctly and this is working with your
Minecraft Client, you should also make sure the version of Minecraft you are
using is version 1.12.2.


If you do not know how to install
mods for Minecraft, follow the below guidance. I would strongly recommend
viewing some YouTube tutorials if you are still unsure.

Windows Installation

  • Download
    GymCraft .zip file
  • Move
    .zip file to your ‘Mods’ folder, this can be found by going to the following


  • Open up any file/Windows Explorer
  • Clear the address bar and type in
    %appdata% and press enter
  • Open the .Minecraft folder
  • Open the ‘mods’ folder
  • Drag and drop the .zip file here

Mac Installation

  • Download
    GymCraft .zip file
  • Move
    .zip file to your ‘mods’ folder, this can be found by following the path below;

/Library/Application Support/Minecraft/mods

  • Drag and drop the .zip file here


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Hey your 4 mods are really cool and I really love to use them but I play in 1.7.10 can you downgrade them please

the great leonneary delivers a third time(to my knowledge correct me if the order is wrong)