Published by JopGamerNL on Tue, 10/01/2019 - 15:35
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first release [v 1.1]!


decobuild+ currently ads:

32 new decoration blocks:

- 11 new colloured bricks

- 18 new colloured end bricks

-  3 new floor patterns


> In v 1.1 we added recipies for all the blocks!

   Also we added some better names to!


>~  v 1.1 is now out, check it out now!  ~<


This mod is made by JopGamerNL


please take this survey to help me improve the mod.

the curseforge page: (check it out for the most recent news!) 

pmc page:

let me know what you think of the mod or what you want to be futured in it!

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Nice mod :D
Your description could use a little work, but that's the only complaint I have :)