Sol III Core Mod

Published by Hidan on Mon, 10/14/2019 - 15:48
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About Sol III

Sol III "Sol 3" is a mod that aims to unitize most of the common ores along with adding some new into the game and providing
a working currency system stored per player or with coins that can be used with different mods too.
The main purpose of this mod is to have cross mod compatibility ore generation that will generate ores and
in case of adding new mods on a pre-generated world that adds new ore instead of creating a new world or traveling to
unexplored chunks.

Currently, it supports 18 new ores "Note: Not all of them have their respective item yet" that can be processed
and used in other mods such as Thermal Series, this is also core API for my mods and can by for others too, in
that case I will provide tutorials on how to use it and add support to it into your mod.

Also here is Mod forum topic:

And here is how to use it with different mods:

List of Features:

18 new and common ores such as Copper but also brand new such as Xenotime
Cross mod currency system called Cube Bits 
Coins and Bank that transfers coins into players NBT Wallet and vice versa
Ore/Item Cross mod compatibility with Ore Dictionary
Some new Biomes

Planed Features:

Energy system
EMC like system
And More


Small FAQ Read it before asking questions:

Q.Will there be more ores?
A.Sure Just give me some time

Q.How I can use your ores in my mod?
A.Add Ore Dictionary Entry to your block/item
List of entries that are used can be found here:

Q.Can I suggest an ore?
A.Sure But check before If it's not added already

Q.How does Currency System Works?
A.Its simply, my coins have Ore Dictionary entries "You can also add your own coins and give them same entries"
which allows me to use them in different mods and store them as NBT values, this values can also be changed by other mods

Q.Will you show how to use and add support for your mod?
A.Yep, I will explain the process of adding OreDict and Cube Bits support to other mods

Q.I am unable to obtain coins on survival mode why?
A.The idea of currency was to store it and make it cross-compatible
however, I'm planning to add simply Miner Box that will be giving coins for ores.

Q.Some ores are missing their drops is that a bug?
A.As I said before, I did not have enough time to make them have all the materials
however, you can still make a procedure that will be processing them into materials
in your mod.

Q.I Have Bug

Project status
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
Sol III 1.0.1 [1.12.2].jar - Sol III v1.0.1 [1.12.2]361.67 KB

Fixed wrong name for Lead ingot 
Added Adelite Chunk
Added Aluminum Ingot
Added Nickel Ingot
Added Magnesium Ingot
Added Fluorite Dust
Added Particles to Cube Bits ATM
Improved Mod logo

I hope many mods will make use of it and I think it will be in many modpacks :)
Q: What does Sol mean?