The first 2020.5 snapshot - GUI features, bug fixes, ...

Published by Klemen on Sun, 08/30/2020 - 16:23
The first 2020.5 snapshot - GUI features, bug fixes, ...

The first 2020.5 snapshot is here. It adds many custom GUI improvements, improves the loot table system, and adds many other features and bug-fixes. Read on!

Where is 1.16?

I get asked a lot where MCreator for 1.16.x is and to answer this in a single place, I decided to explain it here. We are waiting for Minecraft Forge to get a somewhat stable version with all the features we need to be supported and with stable mappings with most names mapped, then we will start working on 1.16.x support. At this point, it is to early to speculate on release dates or MCreator version number that will support 1.16.x. We will postpone data-packs and add-ons to this version too to have uniform 1.16.x release, also add-ons currently have some bugs on MC side that need fixing.

Open-sourcing progress

Another hot topic at the moment is the open-sourcing of MCreator. I am working hard on fixing things, writing docs, tests, and taking care of licensing stuff to get the open-sourcing done. I am looking forwards to all the community contributions to the project. One thing that is important to understand is that I will have a bit less time to code MCreator when this happens as I will need to dedicate quite some time to coordinate work and do code reviews. This means community support will be greatly needed on all areas (triage, contributors, moderators, docs writers, translators, ...) to get this thing going and keep MCreator at its current pace or even (hopefully) make it even better for the community :D

EAP 2020.5.35716 changelog

Major new features in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Updated bundled Java to version OpenJDK 8u265
  • Added option to select scale ratio of custom GUI images to 1X original or 2X Minecraft scale
  • Improved custom GUI image selection process and added edit option
  • Greatly improved GUI editor navigation and controls
  • Added option to reorder custom GUI components (inside their type)
  • Improved custom GUI preview renderer
  • Added option to disable block dropping and use loot tables instead
  • Added option to make loot table entries decay on explosion dropping
  • [#64917] Loot entries can now have drop count amount set
  • [#59923] Added option to make loot table items enchanted
  • [#49691] Added option to condition loot table entries with enchantments such as silk touch and fortune
  • [#56348] Added procedure editor procedure blocks search bar
  • [#59890] Added option to reposition player's inventory in custom GUIs
  • [#65599] Custom GUI labels and images can now be conditionally shown using conditions system
  • [#65651] Added custom GUI opened/closed/tick procedure triggers
  • [#65592] Added preferences option to sort procedure blocks alphabetically
  • [#63811] Added support for sound subtitles
  • [#63811] Added support for multiple sounds under a single sound resource definition
  • [Bugfix] Overlay base textures did not scale properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom GUI and overlay editor glitched if multiple components had the same name/text
  • [Bugfix] Some Tabula Java models did not work properly
  • [Bugfix #57987] Custom GUIs had a size limit and glitched when too big
  • [Bugfix #57987] GUI images could not be larger than 256x256 pixels
  • [Bugfix #65053] Opening browser and files did not work on some Linux distributions
  • [Bugfix #65120] Energy capacity procedure block returned the current block energy value instead
  • [Bugfix #65197] Resistance parameter of custom blocks with stairs block base did not work
  • [Bugfix #65081] Some procedure triggers could spam log with missing dependency for the source entity
  • [Bugfix #65057] Custom items with inventory and GUI could be exploited to duplicate items
  • [Bugfix #65474] Fluid tank simulate fill procedure block did not simulate filling but actually executed it
  • [Bugfix #65478] Armor made using armor pack maker tool did not appear in item selector
  • [Bugfix #60983] Custom block bounding boxes did not adjust properly to the block offset setting
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • Existing images in custom GUIs will not draw proper bounding box in the GUI editor previews and should be re-imported from the original image when possible
  • [Plugins] Failure to properly generate Freemarker template of procedure block will now cause the whole procedure code generation to fail

Make sure to tell us what you think about the update in the comments, test out the snapshot, and report bugs of the snapshot on the tracker. Keep on modding and stay tuned

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Another cool snapshot :) In my opinion every new update is great! Good job!

Look forward to updating my mods to 1.16.2 and testing their gear vs bastions, brutes and warthogs,

Awsome i like it but i have a few ideas for mcreator to add a bit more to the app

I would like a make a sheild item
Paintings items and customize my entitiys to make them better i have big plans for a mod bit i really need to make some special things even mob respawning when a mob dies u can respawn it witha item and last thing is there a way we can make dimentions smaller like give them a specific size and make special items be used as the portal ill reallyneed help but love the improvements and and like the direction you are going with this

I'm not here one day, and you decide to release the snapshot this same day. Really? xD Anyways, nice first snapshot for GUI (even if they still need more things). I can't wait for the open-source! Oh and just one question, when will you add the support for Minecraft 1.16.2? ;)

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