What a flower mod!

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This mod adds some new plants , flowers and trees . Everywhere you go you see flowers . It has 269 mod elements.

Flowers :


-clouds flower - makes you levitate

-ender flower

-flower red/blue/white (can grow)

-tyrks flower

-fialet flower

Plants :

-flower grass red/blue/yellow

-moss - needs to be harvested often or it will grow over huge areas.

-carnivorous plant - first it looks like inocent plant when you hit it it releases its tentacles and tries to hunt you down.

-infernal grass - can be found in nether in special pots. can grow like netherwarts but only in nether and on dirt/grass.

-glowing mushroom - it glows in the dark

-clover patch - when rightclicked can give you normal or lucky clover.

-pitaya bush - can be found in bamboo forest.


-Bushes (strawberry,rasphberry,blueberry,blackberry)

Trees :

-coconut tree

-palm tree

-araucaria tree

Other stuff :

-coconut pot - crafted like cauldron from coconut shells in the middle dirt.

-pitaya fruit - can be cut when put into crafting.

-normal clover item - when rightclicked on clover patch you will get normal clover.

-lucky clover item - when rightclicked on clover patch there is small chance of getting this. when rightclicked with it you will get some good effects and sometimes diamonds.

-coconut milk - right click coconut with sword to get 2 coconut milks.

-coconut shell - can be obtained by drinking coconut milk

-flower fairies (red,blue,white)

-plant block

-flower block (red,blue,white)

Achievements :

Just discover them :D



Project status
In development
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Modification files
WAFM-1.0.0_0.jar - WAF-1.0.0-First version689.55 KB

Wow, cool. but you don't have to list all features(You can if you want) and you should choose some very good ones(lots to choose from lol) and explain them in detail.
But nice!

Cool mod :)
The carnivorous plant doesn't look that innocent XD
Anywa, if you want to reduce the size of the description you could just remove the description of the advancements (because it's better if the players discover them themselves), but the rest is fine