Elemental Masters

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Elemental Masters Mod! (Update 2.1.0 :D) 7/7/19

This Mod contain more than +1600 Mod Elements!

The Mod is Available in English (US) and French (FR)

Curse Forge Download: Click Here

Mod Contributors: Goldorion/Toutoukamon


7 July 2019

Update of the Mod! Next: Changelog 2.1.1

 - = - Next Updates - = -

1.13/1.14 Version? (When possible)  (maybe in 2.2.0)

Next Bosses? (maybe in 2.1.6)

 Big Dungeons? (maybe in 2.1.6)

Elements Fusion? (maybe in 2.1.8)


 This is a Mod about Exploration, Fighting and Adventure!

Become an Elemental Master and fight back the army of Darkness!

This mod adds 9 New Ores and their gear! (Armor, weapons, tools etc...)

Also a Recipe Book for all item's craft of the Mod!

Also add 9 New Biomes and dimensions too and special items and Blocks!

All based on Elemental Varients such as Fire / Ice / Lightning / Water / Air / Earth / Gravity / Nature and Darkness as enemy!


Thanks MCreator for your Services!



Project status
In development
Latest supported Minecraft version
Modification files
ElementalMasters-2.1.0-1.12.2-ForgeCheck.jar - Download Elemental Masters 2.1.0 for 1.12.2 with Forge Version Check! (recommended)11.21 MB
ElementalMasters-2.1.0-1.12.2-NoForgeCheck.jar - Download Elemental Masters 2.1.0 for 1.12.2 with No Forge Version Check!11.21 MB

- 7 July 2019:{Natural Difficulty and Details Update }

  • Added Spikes, Hot Spike, Electrified Spike
  • Added new Custom Sound - Electric Shock
  • Added Experience Ore: Give you XP when break ore
  • Added Stalactites in Ice Caves in Icy Biomes
  • Boulders can now Spawn in Overworld naturally like flowers (not as much as flowers :))
  • Added small rocks which generate like boulders
  • Added NEW Earth Dungeon in Earth Dimension!
  • Added Fire Spider
  • Added Clouds in the World and Dimensions!
  • Added New Stylish Armor Textures {Made by Kory}
  • Transformed all Runes Effects into 1 several Custom Potion Effects
  • Added Color texts in some items's descriptions and color names in some items/gear names
  • Now Runes uses Durability when in use!
  • Added Dark luminous Purple Mushroom in Dark Biome and Dimension
  • Added NEW Boss! Earth Titan (Model made by "Coyote Coy the Bear")
  • Added New Custom Ores only found in the Dimensions! All in the list below
  • - - - >  Endorium/ Demonium/ Freezium/ Luminium/ Naturium/ Waterium / Aerosium/ Earthium ---------- All used to upgrade armor in next update!
  • Now there is Difficulty, Item Rarity, Mobs, bosses ability and others small things like bonuses are now Rarer depending on your game Difficulty
  •  - Easy/Peaceful - Lots of Items, Rare Items items such as nuggets are easy to get and Ups are less rare, Bosses don't use their ability often
  •  - Normal - All is normal, Items items have a normal rarity, sometime hard to get or easy to get, Ups are normal drops, and Bosses uses their ability when they want
  •  - Hard - Nuggets are kind of hard to get, even after breaking 200 plants or boulder, still 0?, Ups don't even popup?, Bosses uses their ability at THEIR MAX!!!
  • [Bugfix] Corrected a lot of misspelling
  • [Bugfix] Fix propagation of grass in nature caves which was causing lag
  • [Bugfix] Other Minor bugs

- 4 April 2019:{Model Fixing and Bonuses Update}
  • Added the new Bonuses known as Ups!, Looted by ANY Mobs when kill them!
  • Added Attack Up  (Rare)
  • Added Defence Up  (Rare)
  • Added Speed Up  (Rare)
  • Added Heal Up  (Common)
  • Added Absorption Up  (Rare)
  • Added Fire Resistance Up  (Nether)
  • Added Water Breathing Up  (UnderWater)
  • Added ALL UP!  (Epic)
  • Bonuses also drops items like Nuggets or Golden Apple (Epic)
  • [Bugfix] Fixed ALL 3D Models not rendering properly in Hand/Inventory/Drop
  • [Bugfix] Fix Nature Dimension's Grass stone producing too much flowers and makes the dimension lags
  • [Bugfix] Some items were not working properly
  • [Bugfix] Some item did not have a proper exact description
  • [Bugfix] Other mini fixes :)
  • [Changes] Prepared something in procedures for next update :) About Difficulty


- 24 Mar 2019:{The 2.0.0 Big Update!!!}

  • Added 3D Models to certain Blocks
  • Added the Ender Teleportion Staff
  • Added Slabs,Stairs for the custom woods
  • Added Hammers, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Water, Gravity, Air, Earth, Nature Hammers which does 3x3x1 with Elemental Hammer which do 3x3x3
  • Added More gear, Special Équipment part, and others things
  • Added Demonic Sword
  • Added Frozen Sword
  • Added Lightning Storm Sword
  • Added Tsunami Sword
  • Added the Supreme Elemental Sword which is crafted with the fusion of the 4 swords, This Sword is really powerful and have special effects on mobs!
  • Added uses for Extracts
  • Added More Zombies and Mobs
  • Added more Foods! such as chickens and rotten fleshes
  • Added Iron, Gold, Emerald, Diamond, Custom Woods Bookshelfs which is more efficient in enchanting
  • Added XP Runes which gives random xp, has 3 Tier
  • Added Dark Quartz
  • Added/improved 3 Dungeons in the Fire Dimension, Ice Dimension, Light Dimension, Water Dimension, Dark Dimension, More coming soon!
  • Added the Giant Squid and Cyanderman Bosses!
  • Added Omega Lightning Strike Power
  • Added Custom bookshelfs with the custom planks
  • Added Light Sand and sandstone
  • Added Earth Lily
  • Added More decoration blocks such as Boulder, Stalagtite
  • Added Earth Staffs to Tier 3
  • Added X-Ray Glass
  • Added more Temples and Structures
  • Replaced Lightning Biome with a Desert(light desert)
  • Vanilla Ores now generate in custom dimensions
  • [Bugfix] Fixed Shuriken acting as arrows
  • [Bugfix] Fixed lots of missing recipes
  • [Bugfix] Bosses didn't have player model
  • [Bugfix] Item didn't have proper names
  • [Bugfix] Elemental Fusion Table now work and have recipes
  • [Bugfix] Dark Soul now requires Elemental Fusion Table to craft
  • [Bugfix] Custom seeds did not work in Farmland
  • [Bugfix] Aaron was a little overpowered
  • [Bugfix] Changed some Recipes
  • [Bugfix] Some French translations were not exact
  • [Bugfix] Biomes were too rare and rarity decreased
  • [Bugfix] Player were not spawned at portal in survival mod(mcreator bugfix)
  • [Bugfix] Custom Fluids stopped generate anywhere!



- 26 Jan 2019:{1.9.9 Fix}

  • Improved some structures
  • Lucky blocks improved


- 21 Jan 2019:{1.9.8 More Fix}

  • Fix custom dimensions bugs and lags


- 18 Jan 2019:{1.9.7-Fix} Recipes Fix!

  • Repaired some broken Crafting recipes!
  • Some Achievements didn't work


- 16 Jan 2019:{1.9.6-Fix} Bug Fixes!

  • Little Bug Fixes


- 13 Jan 2019: {Update1.9.5-Fix}Bug Fix and Grapping Hook!

  • Added Remaining disappeared Item crafting recipes
  • Fix some bugs
  • Added Grapping Hook Item
  • XP Rune fixing
  • Messages Added
  • Fixed Messages



- 10 Jan 2019 :Update 1.9.4 Little Addings!

  • Bug Fixes
  • More Messages
  • Added 3 XP Runes from Tier 1 to Tier 3
  • Added Extracts uses, used to craft new items
  • Added new Armor Pieces :- Conflagration Boots , Mother Nature Boots, Gravi-Light Boots, Protecto-ATK Chestplate and …
  • Added Demonic Sword - Right Click with Fire Powder in Inventory to reveal his POWER!
  • Decrease Aaron's Power by -7.5%
  • Added Elemental Chickens which lay ore nuggets Instead of Eggs (Except dark chicken)
  • Added Water, Earth Zombies
  • Added +25 More Achievements
  • Improve Super Powers efficiency
  • NEW: Added Earth Tremble Super Power - Explode around you and damage mobs!
  • Added Multicolor-block - Just something I wanted :P
  • Added +10% More Messages and Improve them!
  • ALL Hostile Mobs are repaired and now can Attack!



- 16 Dec 2018 :Update 1.9.3. Achievementous and Bug fixings!

  • Lots of Bugs Fixes Including:
  • Super Powers now Don't spawn blocks in other blocks when used
  • NEW: Lots of Achievements Added!
  • NEW: Added 2 new Super Powers : - Ice Sheild
  •                                                                  - Earth Tremble
  • Added Structures : - Spawner Dungeon underground With Dimension KEYS! (and some nice loots)
  • Improved writings :P yeah
  • NEW: Mod now available in other language : FRENCH but 95% Accurate
  • Changed some textures
  • Highly Increased Bosses Power! :- Like Aaron said after defeat him in previous update
  • Aaron now can summon Mobs, give you blindness, do more damage, invisible sometime, and summon lightning that make regen +3% of his health per lightning!
  • The Demon summon mobs and have other abilities
  • The Flashning too!
  • Re-Added Ice Queen in more powerful version
  • Added some new mobs :- Ice Spider and Dark Spider
  • Added Scripts :- Dark Script and Elemental Script which might have useful purposes in next updates!
  • Nature Boots now have a Nature Trail :O!!!!!!!!!!1



- 11 Dec 2018 :Update 1.9.2 Quick Bug Fixing and Adding!

  • Lots of Bugs Fixes! Including Mobs Not attacking!
  • Some Texture upgraded by +15%
  • Mobs now attack naturally!
  • All Foods give potion effects!
  • Added 3 new mobs
  •     - Earth Silverfish
  •     - Light Zombie
  •     - Gravity Zombie
  • Added some drops!
  • Removed Plastic Buckets and Plastic!



- 9 Dec 2018 :Update 1.9.1 Remake of Elemental Masters Mod!

  • IMPORTANT : The mod that been remake entirely because of a bug in MCreator 1.8.0!
  • Added Extracts! (Coming Soon in Next Update)
  • BIG ADD: Ore plants can now grow and give fruits!!! Put the seeds in your crafting slots and you will get Sprouts! Plant the sprout in Farmland!
  •   They have 5% Chance to drop a Nugget of their ore name and Elemental Plant have 1% chance!
  • Added Portal Frames! Use them as Frame for portal and to go into the dimensions! So less expensive!
  • Some Lucky blocks now Loots! and they can Spawn naturally!
  • Added more messages to help players!
  • Added Plastic with Plastic Bucket!
  • Bug Fixes!
  • BIG ADD: Added of Mobs with their own loots! :-
  •     - Lava Cow - Spawn in Fire Biome
  •     - Electric Cow - Spawn in Electric Biome
  •     - Ice Zombie - Spawn at dark!
  •     - Fire Zombie - Spawn in dark!
  •     - Toxic Spider - Spawn in dark!
  •     - Fire Pig - Spawn in Fire Bioem
  •     - Ice Pig - Spawn in Ice Biome and Ice Plains!
  •     - BOSS: Aaron Master of Darkness - Boss :P
  •     - BOSS: The Flashing - Boss :P
  • Added Dungeon 1: Fire Mini Castle in Fire Dimension
  • Added FOODS!
  •     - Dark Flesh
  •     - Elemental Fruit
  •     - Strawberry
  •     - Pineapple - With Cool Pineapple Juice!! Yay, can be made with An Empty Bottle, Water Bucket and 4 Pineapple in crafting Table
  •     - Blueberry
  •     - White berry
  •     - Colorless Fruit
  •     - Dark Potato - Can be cooked in Furnace
  •     - Added Raw meats and Raw Porkchop looted by new mobs! - Can be cooked in Furnace
  •     - Peas
  •     - Cyan berry
  • Advance in Recipe Book by +15% - Added some more pages (I am lazy to do that :P The pages are ugly made by MCreator)
  • Remove the Ultimate Tablet (Temp)
  • 11 Nov 2018 :Update 1.9.0 of Elemental Masters Mod!
  • BIG ADD!!! - Elemental Recipe Book for all recipes
  • Added the Supreme Elemental God's Tablet!
  • Bug fixed
  • Added Fusion Gem
  • Messages Fixed
  • Added a Water Plant
  • Added an Elemental Plank
  • Super Power : Lightning Strike completed!
  •                           : Water Throw: Shot water at your Enemies! uses Water droplets crafted with water bucket!
  • 45% of all recipes added in Recipe Book
  • 9 Nov 2018 :Update 1.8.9 of Elemental Masters Mod!
  • Some Bugs Fixed
  • Some recipes added



- 7 Nov 2018 :Update 1.8.9 of Elemental Masters Mod!

  • NEW: Added Elemental Lucky Blocks! Coming Soon!



- 31 Sep 2018 :Update 1.8.7 of Elemental Masters Mod!

  • Improved Textures
  • Added 2 new Creative Tabs for Elemental Plants and Special Elemental Items
  • Added 3 new plants : Elementum / Gravitum / Snow Flower
  • Added Elemental Souls
  • Added Unbreakable Bricks (Only in Creative Mode)
  • Bugs fixed
  • Added 2 Spawn Eggs : Wither and Dragon
  • Added Steel Stuff, armor, ingots, sword
  • Added Darkium Ore and Darkium Gem, Dark Gem and another hard recipe for Dark Key
  • Mobs Health improved
  • Added more Fluids : Healing Water / Poison water / Electric Water, / Ice Lava
  • Added Fuels for elemental Logs/Planks
  • Added 3 Super Powers(Items) : Fire Throw - Shot fire at your enemies and place fire!(Require Fire Crystal Powder)
  •                                                          : Dark Hole - Attack all Mobs around you and create a big attack with Massive Damage
  •                                                          : Lightning Strike - Make lightning fall on all mobs around you (Coming soon)
  • Added 14 Structures : Electric Waste in Desert/ElectricBiome
  •                                         : Love Fountain in Forest (I would like flower forest but it is not in biome list)
  •                                         : Ruins / Poison fountain in Swamp
  •                                         : 6 Air Block with a chest underground with loots inside chests, different rarer types with better rewards!
  •                                         : A box with lots of Fire Crystal blocks and blaze spawner (used to get fire crystal powder)
  •                                         : Fire Temple in Taiga/Fire Biome
  •                                         : Water Temple in middle Oceans/Water Biome
  •                                         : Light Temple in Desert/Electric Biome
  •                                         : Dark Temple in Dark Biome
  • 10 Sep 2018 :Update 1.8.6 of Elemental Masters Mod!
  • Added The 3 Last Dimension - Earth - Dark complete - Gravity
  • Added Planks with All Elemental Wood Type
  • Added Cobblestone for Elemental Stones Type
  • Added Elemental Runes which Grant lots of Bonuses and Effects!
  • Added New Weapons and Tools, Ex. Swords, Drills, Shurikens...
  • Added new Plants and Components, Ex. Light Dust, Cactus Spikes, Blue Flowers, Clovers...
  • Most Items have their Crafts!
  • NEW ELEMENT!!! Nature Element with all it's gear and Components!
  • Ores of the mod now generate in Nether!
  • Added some Misc Items which have their utilities!
  • Biomes Weight decreased!
  • The Mod's Ores generation increased!
  • Added Starter Gears when enter the world (Can be activate with Ancient Tablet only in Creative or it will bug)
  • Drills are used to break hard blocks
  • Elemental Staffs have their effects written on the Items
  • 1.12.2 Available for the Mod and new features!!! (Unfortunately Not 1.11.2)
  • Added Ores seeds to be planted (Coming soon in next update)
  • Many Textures Fixed!
  • Many Bugs Fixed!
  • Exploits Glitches Fixed!
  • Added more particles effects!


End of Changelog!!!

It's a nice mod!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I like the idea, but the textures are a bit aggresive, like your water sugar cane

Very Nice mod good work on it. So i am new to modding with MCreator could I possibly have the .mcr file because I would like to see some features on you made them possible and stuff. Keep the good work

Leaked Features that I will add in V.1.9.1 of the Mod, : Plants can grow, Portals less expensive in resources, Recipe Book complete