Hodge-Podge III

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Welcome to Hodge-Podge III! This mod adds dimensions, decorative blocks, monsters and more!

This is the remake of Eonaut's original mod.

At the moment this mod is in early alpha, but new updates are coming soon!

While playing Hodge-Podge III, you will be able to use many more decorative blocks, travel between new dimensions, fight new menaces and more!

Some of the blocks in this mod have connected textures! To use them, you have to download this mod: (https://minecraft.curseforge.com/projects/ctm). If you don't download this mod, Hodge-Podge III will still work, but you won't be able to see the connected textures.

(more info coming soon, at the moment you can read the changelog)

PS: I tried my best to replicate Hodge Podge II image... XD

I will change it soon, don't worry :)

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1.0 - First (Alpha) Release - 2/10/2019

Yes, I couldn't find better names for mobs, items and blocks

+Silver Ore, Silver Ingot

+The DarkWorld

An extremely dark and foggy dimension. Its portal is made of Darkworld Bricks and the igniter is the Magical Flint and Steel


Smoking Quartz Ore, Smoking Quartz


+Dark Elf

Drops a Pearl of the Dark Elf

+Pearl of the Dark Elf

Used to make the Magical Mirror

+Magical Mirror

Turns some items into others (red mushrooms into brown ones and vice versa, Obsidian into Glowing Obsidian, etc.)

+Thunder Blaze

Spawns in the Darkworld, drops Lightning Rod

+Lightning Rod, Lightning Powder, Thunder Paste

+16 Concrete Bricks

+Glowing Obsidian

+Oun Eye

Eat it to see better in the darkness for a bit

1.1 - Smoldering Knight Update - 2/19/2019


A monster that spawns in the DarkWorld and drops Oun Eyes

+Cinder Talisman

Used to summon the Smoldering Knight

+Smoldering Knight

The first boss of the mod. It wears a armor and wields a Vorpal Sword. It has some special abilities but you'll have to discover them by yourself :)

+Smoldering Knight's Armor

+Wither Bone, Wither Bone Meal

Currently useless


+Vorpal Sword

+Block of Pearls of the Dark Elves

~Now Lightning Rod can be consumed to sometimes strike lightnings during thunderstorms

! Some bugfixes

1.2 - Quite Useful Update - 2/23/2019

This is the best update name ever

+Ember Talisman

Dropped by the Smoldering Knight. When right-clicked, removes the fire on player. It has infinite uses.

+Zombie CowMan

Spawns in the DarkWorld. It can drop Rotten Flesh, Iron Nuggets, a Mysterious Artifact or its Iron Sword

+Mysterious Artifact


+Dark Lantern

+4 Mysterious Dark Lanterns

Craft a Mysterious Artifact and a Dark Lantern to make one of these four mysterious blocks that have a mysterious use.

SPOILER: they are decorative blocks... You can still use them as corners of the portal if you want

+Thunder Rod

Like an Ender Rod

+Dead Grass

It turns into dirt if there is a block on it

+Mixed Bricks

~Now the Wither Bone Meal works and destroys plants and makes dead grass in a 6×6 area

~Now the DarkWorld is less foggy

~A few more changes

! Oun's model was bugged

! Magical Mirror rotation was bugged

! A few more bugfixes

1.3 - Wonder Geysers Update - 03/11/2019

+Connected textures support

Now the Dark Lantern has connected texture

+Block of Smoking Quartz

It has connected textures. Used to make the portal to the Wonderland


A dimension that at the moment only has the geyser lands biome


+Cracked dirt


It sometimes erupts...


A mob that spawns in the Wonderland

+Tumtum Wood, Leaves and Planks

+Tulgey Wood, Leaves and Planks


A little monster that likes to bounce in the lakes of the DarkWorld... and attack players.

~Changed some textures

~Changed some names (now the ThunderBlaze is the FulmenBlaze for example)

~A few bonus tweaks

1.4 - Temple Update - 04/10/2019

+Wastes dimension

The frame is made of Bone Spines, while the igniter is the Bone of Destruction which can be obtained by killing the Smoldering Knight.

+Bone Spines

+Tartarus Plant

It's like a cactus that grows on soul sand. It can be found in the wastes dimension and can be farmed similarly to vanilla cactus. It can be smelt to make red dye.

+A temple in the Overworld where the DarkWorld Scepter is found

+Temple Skeleton

Spawns in the temple to keep intruders away

+Wither Blade

Inflicts a little Wither effect for a few seconds when it hits a mob (that isn't the Wither or a Wither Skeleton). It can be crafted after beating the Smoldering Knight.

+Redstone Lantern

Works similarly to a Redstone Lamp but has a 1.14 Lantern model. It was suggested by RockstarBonnet.

+Golden Pillar

A decorative block found in the temple

+New biomes for the Wonderland

~Now the "Magical Flint and Steel" is called DarkWorld Scepter, has a different texture and can no longer be crafted (but can be found in the temple)

~Tweaked a few more stuff

!Fixed some bugs

Nice textures :)

I am glad to hear Raolcraft Omega and Modular Expansion will be getting an update (I haven't tried Pyromancy yet).

Submitted by Klemen on Sun, 02/10/2019 - 18:49

Already seems like it will be a great mod :D

Very Good Textures! Congratulations Raol!

I think I will release another update soon. I found some bugs and I want to do some changes.
Also, the boss has no actual reward at the moment.
The reward I will add will be an item (I think I will call it Fire Pendant, but the name will change) that when used (it has infinite uses) will extinguish the fire on the player.
You might be saying this item is too simple and it is overshadowed by RaolCraft's Fire Totem. Yes, I hadn't better ideas, but the Fire Pendant can be actually very useful in the Nether. It's better to right-click an item in the hotbar rather than place a cauldron and fill it with water. Also, the Fire Pendant is a lot more common than the Fire Totem: the pendant is mid-game, the totem is extremely end-game.
I hope you will like the next updates :)