The Void Realm

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New biome vote link to forum topic here


1. Leaper

Leapers are spider like creatures that will stay still until provoked.

2. Dark Demon

Dark Demons basicly are powerful but slow zombies.

3. Voidmite

It is just silver fish that is immune to arrows

4. Dark Mage

This dark being will attack you with void pearls and just normal attacks too.

5. Phantom Reaper

It holds a diamond sword and moves quickly through out the void.

6. Notch Spider

In the golden world that is the gold depoist biome you will find these creatures.

7. Experiment

Inside the lab you will find the result of an experiment gone wrong.

8. ICU

A creepy flying eye.

9. Dark Beast

This beast is found in void plains.

10. Vampire

Kill it and it will explode into a ton of bats

11. Blood Widow

A deadly spider thats only goal is to kill you.

12: Skull Men

Wears the skull from his last kill

13: Lost Soul

These poor souls have been courpted by evil.

14: Radiated Cow

How did cows even get here?


Planed Features

1. More Emborite Uses

2. New Creatures

3. Scary Trees

4. A recipe book

Any suggestions would be nice


How to get to The Void Realm

you will need a void shard, and some bone blocks for the frame

void shards are crafted with four bone blocks in the corners, two end crystals on the left and right, Two eyes of ender at the top and bottom, and a diamond in the center.


Blast Pearls

Blast Pearls are a greifers dream as when you throw one once it hits something it explodes craft with one emborite, and one void pearl in any shape.

Everything else is for you to discover



Update dark diamonds are now here use them to make OP weapons like the blast rod and speed miner

just put 4 dark diamonds around a item like a grayscaluim pickaxe to get them.


Update 1.2


Abandoned Lab

Explore this creepy abandoned labortory, gather tons of loot and, fight a boss.


 A whole new biome has been added into the void

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Nice mod :)
Please put what the mod adds in the description though, not what it's going to add.