The first 2020.4 snapshot - energy, doors, and more

Published by Klemen on Mon, 06/22/2020 - 18:11
The first 2020.4 snapshot - energy, doors and much more

The first snapshot of the huge 2020.4 update is here. It adds FE energy support, doors, git branches, player variables, and much much more. Check it out!

Survey on contributors

As we announced, we are considering open-sourcing MCreator. As this alone without contributors does not make much sense, we made this survey to find out how many users willing to contribute we have.

If we go this route, we would release MCreator under GPL-3.0 license with exception to allow mods made with it use custom licenses. Contributors would have to sign CLA similar to the one we use for existing projects.

Keep in mind this survey is informative and not binding in any way, but please fill this survey only if you can and would contribute to the project so we can get a real insight into the status of contributors.

Link to the survey:

Legacy 1.12.2 generator

Although we no longer support or encourage the use of 1.12.2, we still want you to update to newer versions. For this reason, I updated the Minecraft 1.12.2 generator to support 2020.3. All new features are not supported in it, though, but feel free to open pull requests.

Keep in mind you need to install the plugin yourself. You can support development by contributing features (eg. add missing features from 2020.3) on

EAP 2020.4.25621 changelog

Major new features in this snapshot are highlighted with bold text.

  • Improved navigation of mod element editor
  • The special tool tool-type now acts as a hand when breaking incompatible blocks
  • Added "convert item entity to itemstack" procedure
  • Added list view to the workspace mod elements browser
  • Improved texture editor performance
  • Entity x, y, and z dependencies are now passed with floating-point accuracy
  • Added new global triggers: sapling grows, entity struck by lightning, player fishes item, entity healed
  • Improved font rendering and font handling with characters of specific non-English languages
  • Added support for Git branches to remote workspace system
  • Added many new plugin features (check release notes)
  • Added breed AI task for breedable living entities
  • Added doors block base
  • [#55702] Added new player lifetime and player persistent variables that are synced with client-side
  • [#61280] Added keyboard shortcuts to the integrated image editor
  • [#47617] Added "get entity in range" procedure block
  • [#61741] Added "when an entity jumps" global procedure trigger
  • [#61503] Added "before entity hurt" global procedure trigger
  • [#51650] Added tameable entity support
  • [#53075] Added option to specify inventory item texture for custom blocks
  • [#42538] Added FE energy support to blocks and procedures
  • [#50757] Added fluid tanks support to blocks and procedures
  • [#58891] Improved biome entity spawn list editor
  • [#59113] Added option to damage custom items in crafting recipes instead of consuming them
  • [#61928] Added option to export deobfuscated mods
  • [Bugfix] Right-click and left-click global triggers triggered twice
  • [Bugfix] Pressing E key while text field was in focus closed custom GUIs
  • [Bugfix] Shoot ranged item procedure caused build errors with the floating-point speed in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom commands did not work in contexts without a player (eg. command blocks and some procedures)
  • [Bugfix] Source code of mod elements with locked code was reformatted on code regeneration
  • [Bugfix] Custom OBJ model textures did not work in some cases
  • [Bugfix, B 1.14.x] Changing add-on modid/namespace corrupted workspace
  • [Bugfix #61686] Custom ranged items did not inherit some parameters when used with custom living entities
  • [Bugfix #61897] Eating particles of food with custom model had broken texture
  • [Bugfix #61951] Custom ranged entities did not stop shooting under some conditions
  • [Bugfix #62307] Custom creature mobs did not spawn on custom grass material blocks
  • [Bugfix #62504] Mobs spawned with procedures did not receive on initial spawn event
  • [Bugfix #61924, FG 1.15.2] Player spawned outside custom dimension portal sometimes, portals could duplicate
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Release notes

  • Global variables are now only synced from server-side to client-side and not the other way around to prevent malicious forging of data by sending packets with altered data from client-side to server-side
  • [Plugins] Data lists (eg. block and items list) can now be extended (eg. with elements from other mods), using plugins
  • [Plugins] Plugins can now add texture maker, animation maker, procedure, and AI task templates
  • [Plugins] Added option to define custom APIs, libraries, and support mods similar to how MCreator Link is implemented (APIs get automatically installed when enabled) and make procedures, triggers and AI tasks that require specific API enabled to work

Thanks to donators

I would like to thank each and everyone that donated so far! You are the heroes that make all this possible as you help us cover the expenses and work time invested in this project! Working on such a big project is not a small thing and you make this much easier. Thanks ;)

Make sure to tell us what you think about the update in the comments, test out the snapshot, and report bugs of the snapshot on the tracker. Keep on modding and stay tuned!

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Finally some energy stuff! This is great!
I'm also very excited for player variables

I like the new style of changing through the different pages of mod elements, but can you please give us the option of switching back to the old style? Please? The buttons are too small for me to click easily :(

Tameable entities! :D

I hope there is a way to make mobs emit light!

unflameable option to blocks is a good idea,cause the only option is unbreakable and replaceable.

One bug i would like to see fixed is that when i leave mcreator after putting in a ton of work then exporting knowing ill have future updates when i exit it and then come back the next day half of my mod is deleted. I have the textures but not the recipes or tools. It has happened to almost all of my mods and when i use backups it also has half the stuff deleted (I made sure it was saving and it was) Please fix this as i have to abandon my mods because of all the hours i would have to waste trying to remake it. Thank you

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