The 2020.4 update pre-release snapshot

Published by Klemen on Sun, 07/19/2020 - 13:01
The 2020.4 update pre-release snapshot

The last snapshot and the pre-release of the upcoming MCreator 2020.4 update is here. This is going to be one of the biggest (feature-rich) updates so far. Check it out!

As we do with recent updates, this snapshot was mostly oriented on getting some more community requested features into 2020.4 release.

This pre-release is intended at finding all the bugs so we squash them before the final 2020.4 release. Please test this version as much as possible and report any bugs you find that were introduced in this update. This way we can make sure that the update will go smoothly :)

EAP 2020.4.30417 changelog

Major new features in this snapshot are highlighted with a bold text.

  • Added many new in-app UI tips (big thanks to Goldorion)
  • Added texture preview to armor and other type texture selectors
  • Added fence gate block base
  • Improved previews of element selectors and mod elements list
  • Added Spigot generator flavor support for community plugins
  • Added YAML file support to the code editor
  • [#57806] Added attack amount dependency to entity attacked global trigger
  • [#56008] Added biome dictionary biome check procedure
  • [#61241] Added option to specify entity step sound
  • [#62571] Added "on item broken" global procedure trigger
  • [#61135] Added "when a player swings with item" item procedure trigger
  • [#54959] Added potion level and duration getters procedure blocks
  • [#64020] Added "is entity tamed" and "is entity tamed by" procedure blocks
  • [#64020] Added entity tamed global procedure trigger
  • [#62775] Added entity width, height, and submerged height getters procedure blocks
  • [#63575] Added "get entity target entity" procedure block for aggressive entities
  • [#55394] Custom plants can now be set to generate the same way as vanilla tall grass does
  • [#62413] Added option to specify which GUI slots to drop items and which not for unbound GUIs
  • [#62296] Custom commands can now specify the execution permission level
  • [#52780] Custom items can now use tool-like rendering
  • [Bugfix] On initial mob spawn procedure trigger could freeze world generation
  • [Bugfix] Conditions checking or altering the world for block, plant, structure, or entity spawning could freeze world generation
  • [Bugfix] Play sound procedure block did not work properly on client-side
  • [Bugfix #63642] Overlay base texture size was not updated in the code properly in some cases
  • [Bugfix #63629] Custom structures could cause worldgen lag in some cases
  • [Bugfix #63778] Ranged items ignored off-hand inventory
  • [Bugfix #63794] Entity display name procedure did not work with player names
  • [Bugfix #63971] Swing main/off hand procedure block did not work with players in some cases
  • [Bugfix #63996] Entity in range procedure blocks generated faulty code in case range had non-constant value
  • [Bugfix #63973] Custom armor arms were not properly applied to the player model
  • [Bugfix #64199] Custom slab blocks did not render properly when in double variant
  • [Bugfix #64291] Test draining fluid tank procedure block caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #64251, FG 1.14.4] "Before entity is hurt" global trigger caused build errors
  • [Bugfix #63601, FG 1.15.2] Custom dimension portals did not work in exported mods

EAP 2020.4.28114

  • Added in-app help tips support to procedure selectors
  • Biome air, water, and grass colors can now be selected separately while others can be left at default values
  • [#43839] Added enchantment mod element type
  • [#51470] Added option to specify inventory of a custom entity and bind GUI to it
  • [#62332] Added entity inventory slot set/get procedures
  • [#49202] Added option for procedures to return a value
  • [#49202] Added "call procedure and get return value" procedure blocks
  • [#49202] Added support for conditions: block, structure, entity, and plant spawning, dimension portal use, and placement, should ranged item fire condition
  • [#49202] Added support for conditions in entity AI builder for AI tasks and goals
  • [#55403] Custom armor models now support specifying body armor arm parts
  • [#63401] Added option to add a new folder to resources folders from the project file browser
  • [#61677] Custom blocks and plants can now use emissive rendering for a glowing effect
  • [#62204] Added special info (description) fields to armor
  • [#61934] Custom blocks can now specify beacon beam color modifier
  • [#61361] Global variables can now be shown in labels in integer format
  • [#56963] Added tile entity support to plants
  • [#62187] Added "place portal for a dimension if properly shaped" procedure block
  • [#60909] Custom GUIs can now pause the game if specified
  • [Bugfix] Set variable procedure block could cause build errors in combination with the player and local variables
  • [Bugfix] Entity spawning was not properly synced to clients in some cases
  • [Bugfix #63146] Custom dimensions could have more and more caves in some cases
  • [Bugfix #63262] Custom doors dropped twice
  • [Bugfix #63320] Backspace key did not work in text fields of custom GUIs

EAP 2020.4.25621

  • Improved navigation of mod element editor
  • The special tool tool-type now acts as a hand when breaking incompatible blocks
  • Added "convert item entity to itemstack" procedure
  • Added list view to the workspace mod elements browser
  • Improved texture editor performance
  • Entity x, y, and z dependencies are now passed with floating-point accuracy
  • Added new global triggers: sapling grows, entity struck by lightning, player fishes item, entity healed
  • Improved font rendering and font handling with characters of specific non-English languages
  • Added support for Git branches to remote workspace system
  • Added many new plugin features (check release notes)
  • Added breed AI task for breedable living entities
  • Added doors block base
  • [#55702] Added new player lifetime and player persistent variables that are synced with client-side
  • [#61280] Added keyboard shortcuts to the integrated image editor
  • [#47617] Added "get entity in range" procedure block
  • [#61741] Added "when an entity jumps" global procedure trigger
  • [#61503] Added "before entity hurt" global procedure trigger
  • [#51650] Added tameable entity support
  • [#53075] Added option to specify inventory item texture for custom blocks
  • [#42538] Added FE energy support to blocks and procedures
  • [#50757] Added fluid tanks support to blocks and procedures
  • [#58891] Improved biome entity spawn list editor
  • [#59113] Added option to damage custom items in crafting recipes instead of consuming them
  • [#61928] Added option to export deobfuscated mods
  • [Bugfix] Right-click and left-click global triggers triggered twice
  • [Bugfix] Pressing E key while text field was in focus closed custom GUIs
  • [Bugfix] Shoot ranged item procedure caused build errors with the floating-point speed in some cases
  • [Bugfix] Custom commands did not work in contexts without a player (eg. command blocks and some procedures)
  • [Bugfix] Source code of mod elements with locked code was reformatted on code regeneration
  • [Bugfix] Custom OBJ model textures did not work in some cases
  • [Bugfix, B 1.14.x] Changing add-on modid/namespace corrupted workspace
  • [Bugfix #61686] Custom ranged items did not inherit some parameters when used with custom living entities
  • [Bugfix #61897] Eating particles of food with custom model had broken texture
  • [Bugfix #61951] Custom ranged entities did not stop shooting under some conditions
  • [Bugfix #62307] Custom creature mobs did not spawn on custom grass material blocks
  • [Bugfix #62504] Mobs spawned with procedures did not receive on initial spawn event
  • [Bugfix #61924, FG 1.15.2] Player spawned outside custom dimension portal sometimes, portals could duplicate
  • [Bugfix] Some other minor fixes and improvements

Thanks to donators!

I would like to thank each and everyone that donated so far! You are the heroes that make all this possible as you help us cover the expenses and work time invested in this project! Working on such a big project is not a small thing and you make this much easier. Each donation makes it possible to dedicate a bit of my daily work time (and thus add more features faster) to this project.

Tell us what you think about the update in the comments, report bugs you find in the snapshot, and keep on modding!

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Fence gates? Heck yeah! Now let's just wait for other wood type things like signs and boats and everything will be right in the universe :)

I honestly don't know how that could be done. If it were to be added, then maybe through a special dropdown box, where you can choose if it is a living entity or not, and there could be a boat, I guess.

So what is happening with the custom enchantments? The editor for them seems very half-formed as of right now. I'm really hoping for an enchantment that can use custom procedures, I.E. a sword-type enchantment that summons a lightning bolt on the mob the sword is used on, or a pickaxe enchantment that causes it to mine out a large chunk of blocks when used.

Very nice! Finally, fence gates :D Only boats are remaining to make "full" set of custom wood... That would be probably hard to make boats but I hope we will be able to make them in the future :)

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