MCreator Year 2023 Recap

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MCreator Year 2023 Recap
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Not directly related to the 2023 recap, but I want to say a huge thanks to the MCreator team for being willing to port everything to NeoForge in the upcoming 1.20.4 version. I was honestly worried that the Forge/NeoForge split would result in MCreator not being updated to newer Minecraft versions… Very glad to know that isn’t the case!

Also, just to check, are there any current plans to have already-existing Forge MCreator workspaces be able to be converted to NeoForge when the 1.20.4 update eventually releases? (No need to answer right now, but I do have a 6,000+ element MCreator Forge mod that I’ve been working on for almost a year, and I’d really hate to have to start over.)

Hello Klemen!
I have a question I've been asking myself for a long time.
Would it be possible to add a feature to MCreator that would allow you to make custom Dimension world gens in mcreator? It would be a really great feature, which I have been hoping for a long time. I'm in the process of making a big mod and I think the given dimension world gens just don't fit the mod!
(By the way, I know that this is possible with a certain website, but I know far too little about it and whatever I try I just can't understand it).

I would be very much looking forward to your reply!

Hello. We may support more parameters in the future for the dimension world gens. For now, misode is indeed the alternative where you can make dimension in MCreator, lock code, put JSON in misode and then reconfigure JSON and apply it back to the MCreator

Is there maybe a tutorial to follow because I can't find anything and also understand nothing at all.
I know there is a wiki about it but I just don't know what the things this website is talking about mean.
I would really appreciate if you would have a tutorial!
Thanks for answering me!>
I would be very much looking forward to your reply!

I guess I could try it, thanks for your help!
Could I still ask one more question please?
Its here:

These are the only 2 things I couldn't get any help from someone, it would be nice if you would look at it!
I would be very much looking forward to your reply!

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